Excerpts from Narendra Modi’s speech at Kheda – where he talks about the success of milk production in Gujurat and how the politicians in Delhi are behaving irresponsibly

And the strength of this Gujarat is such that our mothers and sisters have got into the work of animal husbandry, created a revolution in the production of milk – and the result is that, if these politicians in Delhi want to even drink tea, they have to depend on milk from Gujarat. If we have ever partaken of someone’s salt, would we be traitors to them, brothers? Would we do that? These Congressmen in Delhi are drinking the milk from Gujarat and eating pearls. These politicians in Delhi are drinking the milk from Gujarat every morning and evening, and despite that – despite that – they have imposed income tax on the milk associations, on co-operative milk associations. The tax is 30%, brothers. The money that was reaching my poor farmers from the milk production; now because of the tax of 30% on milk production, this Delhi government has committed the sin of filling their coffers and because of that, in our Gujarat, milk has also become more expensive;

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