For the past week India has been shown a vision of glowing acceptance of PM Narendra Modi in US. Is this accurate?

Narendra Modi Did the US Think Narendra Modi is a Rockstar or is that ‘Modi’fied News?

  1. We in India should have complete disdain for whether we have the US stamp of approval for anything including our politicians. Trouble is however, we set a lot of store by what the Americans think; for the past week or so, we in India have been shown a vision of glowing acceptance of our new Prime Minister Narendra Modi from every quarter in the United States – the politicians, the business community, the citizens and the press.
  2. The statements of the adoring Indian Diaspora in the US have been duly reported by our press and the presence of the rich and successful Indian Americans hanging on to every syllable uttered by Modi was duly documented here. The PM’s speech at Madison Square Garden in NYC delivered to a packed audience also duly received acres of news coverage in every form of the media. (Source – NDTV)
  3. However the western media, apart from reporting the positive reception of Mr. Modi have also raised concerns about the perception of his being a divisive figure. A New York Times article duly spoke about the gushing praise heaped on their celebrated visitor but also touched on statements made by people such as Zahir Janmohamed and Kayhan Irank who have been less than gung ho about forgetting the past. (Source – New York Times)
  4. While our own media was falling over itself to report every waking moment of the Prime Minster’s visit to the United States, their media was rather less enthusiastic about this. Scant coverage was given by reputed publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others. (Source – Daily Bhaskar)
  5. We were shown carefully edited versions of the news here. We were told nothing about the anti-Modi protests that occurred during the visit. We were neither shown images of the protestors nor was there any airtime devoted to the interviews of anyone who was less than effusive in their praise. USA Today spoke about how the visit was divisive for New Yorkers and how hundreds of protestors gathered outside Madison Square Garden.modi rockstar Did the US Think Narendra Modi is a Rockstar or is that ‘Modi’fied News?
  6. Our media has also glossed over some protocol issues that typically should have riled us: (a) neither President Barack Obama neither Vice President Biden received the Prime Minister on arrival; in fact President Obama met Mr. Modi only after 3 days of his arrival. (b) Instead of the Lincoln Room at the White House, Mr. Modi was offered accommodation in the Guest House and there was no White House photo-op – the like of which we saw so many of when Mr. Modi’s unassuming, predecessor visited. (c) First Lady Michele Obama was not present for the state dinner. (d) The Madison Square Garden event was organised and paid for by Indian Embassy and there were some high priced tickets sold for the event as well.white house photo op Did the US Think Narendra Modi is a Rockstar or is that ‘Modi’fied News?
  7. TV host and humorist Jon Stewart touched on the Modi visit and the rockstar reception but also made rather unflattering comparisons with former US president Ronal Reagan, while also pointing snidely to the slick media management demonstrated by Team Modi. He was especially sarcastic about the May the force be with you comment from the PM. (Scroll down for video)


Image 2 source –, image 3 source – NRI Pulse, Video Courtesy – JONNNNY

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