It is high time that PM Narendra Modi reduce his number of visits to foreign countries, and start visiting rural areas all over India.

In the last general election people voted in favor of BJP party. The party got absolute majority and formed the Government in the center. Truly speaking people of India have not voted for the BJP party. They have voted for Shri Narendra Modi.

pm narendra modi with barack obama PM Narendra Modi Should Visit Rural Areas of India ~ Readers Voice

People wanted Shri Modi to become the Prime Minister of India. Most of the Indians are extremely happy to have Shri Modi as the Prime Minister.

But the Modi Govt is not working as satisfactorily as people expected. He has done nothing significant for common people of India. He is more interested in making foreign tours. Of course he is highly applauded in foreign countries. But that does not help much the poor people of India.

It is high time that the PM should reduce his number of visits to foreign countries. He should visit rural areas all over India. He should try to know their problems and solve their problems as far as practicable.

People of India desire that Shri Modi should come out successful with more number of MP seats in the next general election and again form Govt. However if things go as it is at present, he may not come out successful in coming general election.

So if he wants to become the Prime Minister of India for the second time, he should improve his performance from now onwards without making any more delay.

By: Lipsita Mohanty

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