Narendra Modi is difficult to ignore; he’s all over the news, papers, advertisements, social media, billboards and even malls. Does this necessarily make him a brilliant candidate for the PM or just an excellent brand-manager; is building roads and bridges and talking about ‘development in Gujarat’ enough for being called’ progressive? Is there any real depth in NaMo and Media’s intense obsession with him?

Early morning half asleep I randomly turn the pages of my English Newspaper and no matter whether it is headlines, economy, city or national news, all I can see is Narendra Modi. I then switch to TV and all it talks about Modi. Next, I venture out in the local Mumbai train, amidst the crowd I see people discussing Modi. I reach my office and gear up for my work and then pops up a mail. The mail is on Modi. I start working and during lunch hour I log in to my Facebook, my page is full of Modi….Bored of the images and his long list of work, I switch to Twitter and even there I am not sparred of Modi. After lunch, I am called up in a meeting and there my Boss cites about Modi. The long meeting ends and my cell phone rings only to see a whatsapp message on Modi. I reach home and try to write on something and then a blogger friend sends me a link only to see his cartoon on Modi.

Narendra Modi Banner 300x199 Narendra Modi   Aren’t we already sick of him?

Narendra Modi Banner, Image Source: IANS

Modi, Modi, Modi everywhere and this doesn’t make one feel nationalistic but shout out loudly…..Enough! Now-a-days no matter wherever you go, you are forced to indulge in NaMo talks. If you show no interest you are termed as irresponsible citizen, especially if you are in your twenties because then you are given a dirty look of “Kya hoga aaj kal ke nau-jawano ka.” Worst, if you say a single negative thing about Mr. Narendra Modi you are termed as backward and not at all interested in empowering India.

Well, how many of these people are even aware of the meaning of empowerment? Does empowerment means building bridges, roads with cement and breaking human ties in the name of religion? The leader whom they see as “Developent Ka Pratik” doesn’t seem to talk about empowering human beings. When asked about riots Mr. Modi claims that he has already answered enough on the issue but ask him about his development in Gujarat, he goes gaga over and over again. I have come across people, both middle class and high class who think that Mr. Modi is none other than Mr. Bill Gates of India.  “Check out Gujarat and you will see for yourself the development and transformation he has done and then you will understand why he is the right person for the country as a whole.” They tell me when I pop up a question about Modi and the hoopla surrounding around him.

Modi is seen talking about his achievements as well as his narrow so called Vision. However, has he at least even for once drafted a plan for entire India and not for Gujarat if he sees himself as a PM candidate? Does he even once stated that if he becomes PM he will see to it that he makes APJ Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020 a success, by turning India into a developed nation? No, not even once! And he claims himself “progressive” leader?

Recently, I was shared a link of his website which welcomed me by a quotation “We need to make this nation free of the Congress. Our motto must be Congress Mukth Bharat Ka Nirman (sic)” Now, I am neither his fan nor a Congress admirer but seeing the above quotation I was really turned down. Why? The reason being although he claims he is advanced and leader of the youth, he is not. He is using the name of Congress for his campaign. Had he been a true leader he would continue working without worrying about Congress. But, he used the age old method of blaming… Now, that he uses the method of the laymen, how can we say he is a modern-day leader? No, I am not a Rahul Gandhi fan for me he is a philosopher like Modi, the brand manager and India doesn’t need either of them but a dynamic leader.

Besides, what is the guarantee that he would make India a better place in 5 years if he ever gets the top most seat? Wouldn’t he be behind Congress and defaming them at his best in his oh so amazing 5 year just like how Mayawati does to Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP?

I have nothing against Mr. Modi, neither love nor hatred but this hype he has created all over India and world is making me go nuts. Why, mainly because he is wasting our time and that too productive time. Even Nobel laureate such as Amartya Sen who should be asked question about economy and crises are being asked about Mr. Modi and when he replies against him, the entire India seems to be behind him. Mr. Modi seems to be wasting the media’s time as they are busy covering him from Gujarat, Goa to Karnataka and Uttarakhand. If only he was a genuine leader wouldn’t he do all his things without the media coverage and allow them to focus on things that are more important. For instance, concentrating on what is required in Uttarakhand rather than covering his “good” acts and actions.

Coming back to Modi, Modi everywhere….Well, I think people are following Modi for their own benefits – The newspaper wants to sell their news, the TV channels are looking for maximum TRP’s, the story teller wants to advertise his stories, the FaceBook pages wants to get maximum likes. By following Modi, everyone wins here except the aam admi. Yea, the mango man gets nothing out of Modi mantra. No not even hope, but in the process lose out productive time at hand.

I really do not know how good or bad Mr. Modi as a Prime Minister would be but I certainly know he is a good brand manager who knows to advertise well. Yet, over advertisement makes us all go sick and that exactly has happened here. Aren’t we already sick of him?

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