Snippets of Narendra Modi’s astonishment at the uncalled-for enthusiasm and resources being put into defending Robert Varda’s alleged irregularities in land dealings in Haryana by the Manmohan Singh’s government.

Brothers and sisters, I (Narendra Modi) am surprised by this Delhi government. I am astonished. When the name of the son-in-law of some family is dragged into a controversy, Dr. Manmohan Sigh’s entire government gets into a state of horror? It may be a concern for that family or that son-in-law. When time comes the truth will be clear!

My point is only this much – for one son-in-law, the entire Delhi government getting into to the defense mode – it’s astounding. It is hard to digest. Yesterday, one of their MP’s took a gun and created havoc – nobody from Congress came to his defense. It was like the MP knows that his works and deeds are his own, nobody from Congress is bothered. And for the precious son-in-law, the whole government gets into the act of his defense!

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