Is the Narendra Modi suit saga a slap in the face for Sibal’s “Zero-Loss Theory” and the UPA model of doing business? Read the comparison and other trending posts from our blog section.

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modi suit coal scam1 1024x308 Let’s compare Narendra Modi’s suit saga with Sibal’s “Zero Loss Theory”

The Modi Suit Saga  

There’s been so much hue and cry over the Narendra Modi suit saga and many people have lent an opinion. Some critisize Modi for a publicity stunt and others uphold him as a new-age fashionista. Prima facie – it looks like a publicity stunt with megalomania written all over it. But is it really? I wonder . … Read the comparison between Modi suit saga and the coalgate scam and you will know better.

Kiss of Death !!

A small town in west Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad. A gentleman had come with his teenager son of about 14-15. He said, ‘My son can bowl really fast. He terrorizes batsmen of our village. I want you to coach him.’It wasn’t an unusual request. Over the years Badruddin Siddiqui, the coach at Moradabad’s Subhash Chandra Bose stadium, would find shopkeepers and babus, farmers and cops -rough and ready men of western UP approaching him with similar requests. They all believed their sons were special, the next Tendulkar or Brett Lee, possibly even better.Badruddin looked at the lad. For his age, a callow 14-15, he looked built to last. He was wearing a T-shirt, track pants Badruddin asked him to bowl. Read the interesting post to know what happened next and who this young teenager boy is?

Game of Thrones S4 bloopers reel and it is as awesome as the show

To hone our cravings in anticipation of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season, premiering April 12, HBO has released a montage of bloopers and outtakes from last year’s episodes. Tyrion, Arya, Cersei, Jaime, Daenerys, the deceased Joffrey and Oberyn, and the rest of the gang all appear, daunting over stone steps and swearing almost as much as their ferocious equivalents. If only Westeros’s royalty could learn to laugh like this, maybe they’d all get along. Check out the video!

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