How can we forget the recent kite flying tamasha of Salman Khan and Narendra Modi. Here was an over confident actor in COMPANY of a crafty politician.

So, Narendra Modi did it again. The reflected glory of an aging singer and a sacrosanct song of the nation “Aay mere watan ke logon…’ were used by Modi to serve for his ulterior political motives. It was a song written by Poet Pradeep and the poet had paid the tribute to the martyrs of the nation of the Indo-China War. The wily politician transformed the historical sanctity and emotional appeal of the song into an Election Gimmick. In his opportunistic political speech he failed to mention the name of our most respected and beloved Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru; he failed to mention the name of the poet and he made the song appear as if it was a tribute to the Khaki Nicker-Black Cap volunteers of RSS. The hidden agenda and hate against the hero of Independence was written large on the face.

Narendra Modi Narendra Modi : The Flop Show of Lost Kites With Salman

It is easy to predict that Modi would stop at nothing till he faces the eventual defeat. He is using the name and glory of Congress hero Sardar Patel to play fast over Congress. He thinks that Sardar’s straight forwardness could be painted as if Sardar was a RSS Pracharak. The whole country knows that it was no other but the Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel who had banned the RSS. Narendra Modi has received his education in RSS Shakhas and he often claims to be proud of that. Then he should dare to use the Bust of Guru Golwalker and not the statue of Sardar to remain in the lime light. Why is he not telling the nation that his mother organisation RSS was banned by the same individual. The iron he is collecting in his name is just a fraud upon the innocent citizens of India.

On 26 Jan the whole nation has already paid its tribute to our brave soldiers. To make some brownie points he duplicated the exercise. He said India is perhaps the only country without a war memorial dedicated to its martyrs. He will create one if elected to power in the forthcoming general elections, due by May. “Some good deeds are perhaps my destiny only.” Only the time will tell what is in store for him.

Traditions are there for Silver Jubilee 25, Golden Jubilee 50, Diamond Jubilee and so on. Since, when we have started celebrating the 51st anniversary? Addressing an audience primarily from the armed forces at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Race Course he said, “The words and melody of this song has a place in the hearts and minds of millions of Indians.” Modi took ten years of CM-SHIP to understand that. Where was he all these years? Ms Mangeshkar, christened ‘the Nightingale of India’ by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. It was composed by C Ramchandra in honor of the men, who lost their lives fighting for India in the war with China.

Political leanings of Lata Mangeshkar are known to everyone. In the twilight of her life and career she had not needed to hide her real face. Every Indian has a right to exercise his right in democracy. The 84-year-old singer shouldn’t have earlier denied that the event had a political tenor. The whole exercise is to give pep to Modi’s election compaign. Lata couldn’t keep her feeling to herself and said, “I thank the organizers that I got an opportunity to meet Narendra bhai.”

Well done Lata Ji! You have already announced sometime back in Pune, “Everyone in India wants to see Narendra Modi as prime minister.”

Salman Khan With Narendra Modi Narendra Modi : The Flop Show of Lost Kites With Salman

Now, how can I forget the recent kite flying tamasha of Salman Khan and Modi. Here was an over confident actor in COMPANY of a crafty politician. The fate of the film is known to the world. The flop film is a lesson for Narendra Modi of what is going to come. Hubris and falsehood can’t go far. Congress may be down but not out. AAP is a reality and many Indians who believe in secular and progressive India see in Arvind Kejriwal an embodiment of a Next-Generation leader. We aren’t looking for tainted politicians who have made their fortune on hate, blood of innocents and division of society.

Salman Khan with Narendra Modi Kite Flying Festival Narendra Modi : The Flop Show of Lost Kites With Salman

The lost kite of Salman has many messages and lessons for everyone.

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