Narendra Modi wishes “Happy Birthday” to Chetan Bhagat with a selfie on Twitter

Chetan Bhagat’s 40th Birthday

April 22 is Chetan Bhagat’s Birthday. Well you might not be an ardent fan of his to care. But it surely deserves a mention since the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate, none other than our very own social media savvy Mr. Narendra Modi, wished Chetan Bhagat via Twitter.

The Twitter Bromance

Oh well, he not only wished him through words but even added a selfie of the two. Here’s the tweet:

Chetan Bhagat couldn’t control his happiness and Retweeted NaMo’s tweet as soon as possible. He also,  tweeted back to express his gratitude to NaMo for remembering his birthday without forgetting to do some chamchagiri.

While the second tweet was mainly to boast the world – “Look here, the PM in waiting and the current Political sensation is wishing me on my birthday – Saw the demand!!!” Here’s the second one –


What’s in store for the future?

With all the bromance between the two, I wonder what will happen if BJP comes in majority or if by any chance they manage to bring NDA at the center? Oh, well, will they make Chetan Bhagat a Rajya Sabha member for his contribution in Indian Literature?

chetan bhagat Narendra Modi Tweets A Selfie With Chetan Bhagat to Wish Him Happy Birthday!

Chetan Bhagat at the Belvedere Vodka celebratation of the spirit of creative expression with a special preview of `Otlo` in Mumbai. (Photo: IANS)

Just imagine a person like Chetan Bhagat sitting in the Rajya Sabhya representing himself as the “VOICE OF THE YOUTH” – Aha, no wonder I see the pseudo intellectual opportunist whining every now and then crying out loud – “Look how badly Am I Victimized”.

You never know if he comes with his next book – “Memoirs of Rajya Sabha!”

By: Deepti Verma

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