There are many similarities between BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read for the details!

Vladimir Putin has been in news for having re-asserted Russian might on the world stage, at the same time, Narendra Modi kept talking about getting the Indian pride back. In the recent days, no other world leaders have been as subject to media scrutiny as Putin and Modi.

Narendra Modi Vladimir Putin Will Narendra Modi Go Vladimir Putin Way?

Narendra Modi has been in the dock for his handling of the Gujarat Riots in 2002. Same way Putin was targeted for his handling of the Second Chechen War. Putin is news for resorting to strong-arm tactics to make Crimea, a part of Russia. The Crimea was an autonomous region of Ukraine.

There are many similarities between the BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Modi and Russian President Putin. Both the leaders have projected themselves as strongmen of their respective countries. In the early days of his life, Narendra Modi joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and rendered his services as a Pracharak till 1985.

Later, he was involved with RSS’s political wing Bhartiya Janata Party. Whereas nationalist leader Vladimir Putin joined the KGB in 1975 and stayed there till he joined politics. Now the question is, if Narendra Modi comes to power following the 2014 Loksabha Elections,  will he show his might on various issues?

What do you think about both the world leaders?

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