After watching Nasha, it was very clear that Ms. Pandey is only good in dare bare acts provided, she doesn’t expose her expressionless face

Well-known for opening her wide mouth only to create headlines and building unnecessary sensations by her provocative pictures on Twitter, the Pandey girl tried to show some grit to go ahead of her customary ‘body work’ in her debut film, “Nasha”. However, Amit Saxena’s indolent direction and his incompetent utilization of the ‘resources’ readily accessible to him could only harm brand “Poonam Pandey” than taking the publicity-hungry babe into a step ahead and modifying the desperate model into a hopeful onscreen seductress.

Well, this mistake of Amit Saxena of not utilizing Poonam’s real potential would have been ignored if he had given us an engaging story. But sadly, the Jism director fails on both the counts, leaving the audience pale and dry.

Poonam Pandey Movie Nasha First Look At Juhu Nasha Movie Review : Poonam Pandey Couldn’t Get Us Addicted!

First look launch of Poonam Pandey’s film Nasha at PVR Cinemas in Juhu, Mumbai on 5th June 2013. (Photo: IANS)

On Twitter, Poonam had claimed loudly that the movie is bold and would be an entertainer. The team even went ahead by calling it an erotic love story between a female teacher and a teenager boy. The fact is even those who walked into the single screen theatre (the movie was not given a slot in the multiplexes) with the only purpose of gorging their eye balls on alluring revelations that Ms. Pandey assured in the promotions, had to be satisfied only with a couple of kissing sequences (passionate or lusty? Well that would be your take) and few scenes with her chaddis. No wonder she has a strong connection with her chaddis (Remember her tweets on Holi regarding – Who will become her chaddi-buddy?)

Ironically, Shiv Sena had burned the posters of Nasha prior to its release in parts of Mumbai including Lower Parel, Borivili and Mahim, pronouncing that the hoardings displayed appeared objectionable. However, if only the Sainiks would have watched the film, they would ense that they have undoubtedly wasted their time protesting against a movie that totally has nothing to offer – not even a substantial plot!

The school children shown in the movie are shameless, loud, boisterous and rowdy. All they know is and can share cheap jokes not even within the group but even with their theatre teacher Anita (Poonam Pandey). Besides, to our surprise, the teacher even doesn’t mind laughing like a moron at their adult comments or kissing, smooching and cuddling her boyfriend in front of her students. As expected, the testosterone charged teenager Sahil (Shivam) fells for her body thinking that it is love and even helps his Ma’am to come out from her boyfriend’s betrayal. In the process even the “saxy” teacher feels for him. However, only when it gets going, the upright and moralistic Ma’am feels that this relation is immoral and she must go away, but yes, not before a steamy intimate session with her pupil.

After watching the movie, it was very clear that Ms. Pandey is only good in dare bare acts provided, she doesn’t expose her expressionless face. She is no doubt a package of disaster in the name of acting and performance. Her husky voice is terrible and can only irritate you. No, she isn’t that type of seductress who has the ability to seduce you both by her body and voice. Her shouting can only make one laugh. No wonder, people were seen laughing hearing her outcry. Regarding her skin show – Well, whatever she reveals in the film, she has already revealed on Twitter, nothing more to offer!
After giving a classy movie in the form of Jism, one wondered Amit would explore and give us more in the form of dark love stories. But the director this time could deliver nothing more than a P-grade (Poonam Pandey) movie.

Claimed as a slick erotic love saga of a teenage boy falling for his teacher, Amit Saxena’s Nasha is nothing but a boring, flat and a hollow movie with equally dull music and acting. To be precise, the movie is just like Poonam’s huge promises – void. Although the movie promises to be breathtaking, it is devoid of any entertainment or real action.

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