While attempting to explain away the National Herald case , Chidambaram ends us explaining instead what the fraud actually is !

In an effort to explain the National Herald Cheating case , Chidambaram ends up explaining exactly how Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are guilty or cheating and capturing thousands of crores of assets essentially belonging to the country.

national herald sonia rahul The Gandhis Are Guilty In National Herald   Chidambaram Explains

Who Has been Cheated

761 shareholders of Associated Journals (AJL) have been cheated. Associated Journals Ltd had assets of 2000 crores or so. It has a debt of 90 crores. Why is there any need of another shareholder who would ultimately end up owning 99% of the company – part of the 2000 crores of assets could easily have been sold and the 90 crores of debt paid off.

The country has been cheated – AJL was essentially given free real estate since independence to run its business – a newspaper – these are assets belonging to the state (India) and given to Associated Journals for the business of running a newspaper and for promoting free speech – they were never meant to be owned by the Gandhi family.

The company Young India owned by the Gandhi’s now owns 99% of Associated Journals and therefore the assets.

Criminal Conspiracy

The directors of Young India, Associated Journals, Congress are all the same – Essentially the Gandhi family.  They acted in their own self interest without looking in to the interests of Associated Journals – i.e. AJL could have simply could have sold off 90 crores worth of assets – all of these transactions were done to hand the assets of a company (AJL) over to the Gandhi’s

Major Shareholder Is A Non Profit Company (Section 25) ?

This is the primary excuse given in the interview below. But when you control 5000 crore of assetsYou can sell of assets in “cash” or in some other surreptitious way even if you are a Non-Profit Company – this money goes to the Gandhi’s. Or the assets can be sold of in a decade or two later when no one is watching under some ruse.

Even though Young India cannot receive 1 rupee in profits “on paper” from any assets of AJL – BUT THEY CAN RECEIVE CASH OR OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENTS (either fully or partly in cash).

Look at the assets of the Gandhi’s – farm houses that usually sell for 20-30 crores are listed as valued at a few lakhs – of course bought in cash (aka black money). So this is nothing unusual.

Vendetta Politics

Here they keep harping on one and one point – one that the Enforcement Directorate case has been re-opened. This is simply a deflection. The enforcement directorate has nothing to do with the court case. This is simply a diversionary tactic !

Chidambaram talks about a suspicion – A mere suspicion stalls Parliament !!!  For the congress its all about the Gandhi family .

Sardesai Complicit ?

This country is doomed with the Gandhis around !!!  What is also bothersome , however, is how come a seasoned journalist like Sardesai falls for the Section 25 explanation by Chidambaram. Is this on purpose ? Is Sardesai on the payroll of the Congress as it looks highly suspicious that he failed to ask a couple of very simple follow up questions !

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