India has enough resources required for its optimal growth and development. All we need are for the people in power to become more efficient and competent.

Oil is national treasure; it means any single individual cannot enjoy the luxury of a treasure because the natural resources are immensely valuable to the process of nation building and enriching its people forever. The mines of gold, silver, iron, steel, marble, granite etc are considered national treasures for the reason that the whole country can grow in all their richness. Apart from satisfying the needs of the entire nation, we can trade all these resources with the rest of the world for a price fixed by the people of India.
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Foreign currency in-flow would snowball. Because the citizens are kept away from the national level dealings by the political system of our country the politicians have plundered the nation. But they keep saying, ‘we are poor and developing the nation’ while in reality, the nation is not. Sea is the biggest national source of wealth, surrounding us on all the three sides with the largest and the longest beach shore lining our nation, together constituting another extraordinarily huge treasure.

Since people are not directly involved in the governance of national importance, the political families of the nation have squandered in the entire sea of treasure wherever they could lay their hands upon and bundled the money out of the nation for there is not enough space in Indian banks to stack all the wealth; such is the treasure of the ‘poorest nation’, falsely projected by the political parties of India contrary to the reality. The longest Beach coast of India is a very valuable asset for the flow of foreign income; if Goa beach alone can attract so many foreigners as tourists, how great would it be, if the entire beach line is made into tourist attraction resorts. All we need to do is make the beaches national treasures and pay attention and earnestness to them.

The worlds’ wealth would roll into India and we could make air-strips and helipads for the private jets to land in specific beach areas like that of Kee-La- Wee, which we would make so that the richest people and professionals of international repute and honours would use to spend their time in the Leisure lands of our Treasure Land, India.  All these require spending not from the exchequer but from the foreign funds that pour in day in and day out. For these lovely things to happen to India, the people of the Great Nation must govern the country and the politicians must be kept out of reach of such nation building measures.

The constitution must change in such form that the Aam Aadmi is the real ruler and the politicians are the working class executing the orders of the cream society. And next the people of India should be regarded as the finest of all treasures, the living exemplary wonders for the world to follow such that the world population would make a bee line waiting for their grand turn to visit the people of our Great Nation, to get a glimpse of the wisdom and vision of its people . There is no shortage of   knowledgeable wonders, the wizards of all walks of life and there is no dearth for the explorers of the rarest wisdom in our country.

The Indian treasure must be raised in honour, high above the Presidents and Prime Ministers such that their nod in the erection of a splendid India shall be taken up in the scale of a war-footing. All eminent Indian National from all over the world shall be given a life much superior here compared to the living standards they enjoy presently abroad. The treasures of all walks of life must be brought back home forcing the entire world to out source their jobs. This is not fantasy, this is not fancy but this is absolute reality. All of this and more and more would happen if the Aam Aadmi governs the Nation. The time has come to sideline the political people; upgrade the citizens as the Lords above them! And it is the era of AAP 

By Dr Fazl

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