No match and ad excite as much as India-Pakistan does. Here is a beautiful ad teaching us the substance of nationality and not religion.

ICC World Twenty20 is on. And of all the countries India play against, Pakistan fascinates us the most. Is there any defiance to this fact? I’m sure, no. For, every Ind-Pak match is watched with heart pounding uncontrollably. In fact, commercial ads are also created upon India-Pakistan. Pakistan is showed defeated and ridiculed to entertain the mass.

Well, below attached is an inspiring advertisement which juxtaposes nationalism and religion side-by-side. The first half of ad easily let us misconstrue the characters but the second half sketches a very inspiring story, elevating one’s nationality above religion.

This 2-minute ad will surely leave you gaped. As Shakespeare said, what’s in the name.

Nationality before religion is the crux of this ad and hope it reaches the mass.

By Abdullah-Nazia Siddique


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