It’s all about human vs. trees. They both are forms of nature; they do have common traits/behavior/cycle. They resemble each other in their life cycle.

tree Nature And Human


This is the comparison between plants vs. human which are two major forms of life, though that comparison can’t be done, but this is just an exercise to understand life. We are close to nature in various attributes, nature has set various examples and lessons to learn & also makes things/life better, and how much we observe/absorb totally depends on our perception.


As in plants there are so many varieties, division, subdivision and species as each plant is recognized/characterized by their own characteristics. Similar way, there are multiple species in humans based on outlook, region, attributes and attitudes which put them in some  identification/categorization column.

Plants cannot change their characteristic but we “human” can; the most important change would be in our ‘attributes and attitudes’ which  makes us “human”.

 Nature has set various & ample examples to learn and adopt to maintain our dignity of being “human”; it is up to us to observe and learn these lessons of life. Some process are similar to guide us this is how it should be and some are different to identify areas of change.

The dignity of a tree is to provide shade in hot sunny days, serves itself or by branches as a fuel, offer its fruits to whom so ever it is required without discrimination and to balance the ecosystem of life by their existence.

trees cutting through forest Nature And Human

Some trees are very tall and acquire the prominent position by their characteristic and we all do admire them, but do we really look at them when we need shelter, no we don’t. Their attribution become their shortfall, because they are tall they never spread their branches to serve shelter and if they do so they cannot maintain height. Their branches are too tiny and out of reach, nor they have fruit to serve mankind, they just maintain themselves and contribute to life cycle, their difference is admirable but doesn’t contribute to the dignity of plant kingdom.

Similarly, some humans are blessed with certain extraordinary characteristic viz, beauty, talent (variety of arts), power, money, fame. Instead of understanding the value and realizing the depth of the word “WHY” they & why not others, they developed arrogance. There is nothing better than humbleness, it’s not weakness but power, that is an additional quality we acquire, as “fruitful tree should be always approachable to have the value”.

sapling Nature And Human

Plants at the stage of herbs/shrubs can easily be destroy/affected but later when they attain maturity they becomes harder & stronger to withstand by own and to face season’s toughness to protect innermost delicate part and provide sufficient support to maintain process of life.

In a similar way in human’s life; at the stage of infants and teenagers, we need protection from our parents, relatives and siblings. At this stage we can get easily affected physically and emotionally and if so happens by misfortune, we fall, we carry those scars to rest of our lives. We do reflects side effects by some or the other ways. Later on when we attain biological maturity we becomes stronger in both ways (physically and emotionally) and can face world by own, learn to fight and how to struggle for our identity but somehow we still have some soft corner within us which we call it “HEART” is filled with feelings, emotions. Heart which tastes the real meaning of word “PAIN”. We do try to protect ourselves from strangers so that everyone shall not get entry into us and cause damage. Later on, we give the same protection to our kids that we have got from our parents.

trees and branches Nature And Human

When plant attain its maturity stage, it spreads its branches which later internally become independent by own for vital process of life but they still depend on plant/roots for water, irrespective of how mature they are, they remain dependable on plant for their existence. Similarly as we grow and make family, bring new lives (kids), irrespective of how mature we are, we  still depend on our parents for the love and blessing which we get only from them, as tree gives to its branches/sub-branches/leaves, this process is in forward direction only and doesn’t reciprocate back, but we don’t realize this.

The tree does not direct its branches how to twist/mold/bend to find its place in available resources. Branches proceed as per the weather or available resources, the trunk cannot understand this delicacy from its position as things are different at both the levels.

Similarly at a certain level of time we should give space to our kids to know the world by their own experiences, learn and adopt new things as per time. The time we have seen/faced/react is not the same for the next generations, we should understand it. We should not try to impose our thoughts/experience on them, world keeps changing which is an uncontrollable fact. More they face more they learn from their mistake/s, this will add an experience to their account. As we all know, we shall believe on the fact “TIME HAS TO CHANGE”.

tree and humans Nature And Human

The dignity of the tree is when all parts are connected with each other (roots, branches, sub-branches, and leaves). It adds to its strength and ultimately gives strong/perfect picture for its existence. Similarly, a dignity of human is when s/he is connected with their family/relatives. The strength of these relations in turn will give strength to them and make close human bonding & make  “KHANDAN”. As the green branches cannot be easily detached from the tree but when dry, can be detached easily. Similarly, closer and healthy relations with family/parents gives the inner strength.

 All parts of the tree whether it is roots, branches or leaves are equally important for vital functions, no one is most/least important, their value/greatness is only when they are associated. Once they are detached they may lose their identity. Similarly in a family everybody is equally important, there is no less/ more important in today’s world. Everyone has its own specialty, which contributes in building up family.

fruits Nature And Human

Fruit is a final/mature stage of a tree, it is an extract of its journey of life, from tiny seeds to herbs, shrubs, and finally tree. It is the gift of itself to the NATURE or we can say ‘fruit is the fruit’ of its struggles but that FRUIT is not for itself, it’s for others; for animals; for humans or who so ever who is in need or depend up on. It’s the gift for its existence and holds tiny seeds for new life cycle to maintain their gene/generation.

When the tree is full of fruits, it disburse in such a way to serve something to others & something to preserve for its reproduction. When we see same example in human’s life then definition varies from person to person, some people enjoy the fruit (kids) out of their struggles and some don’t. How we nurture and nourish our kids, it is again a very vast topic. As not every fruit is edible, some fruits are only for reproduction. The same way all human are not productive for the society.

Trees benefits to all the visitor whoever comes and want to relax for a while, a tree doesn’t expect anything from them and just serve irrespective of any difference. Similarly in human life, we have many relatives’ close/far friends, they are once who comes to us to expect something from us when they need but we all do expect something in returns.

It’s all about human vs. trees in my thoughts, we both are forms of nature; we do have common traits/behavior/cycle. We have to just observe and absorb whatever we can learn from nature.

nature and human Nature And Human

By Rajkumari Nagpal

Images have been provided by the author herself.


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