With a philosophy of “God is within us” Zee TV brings up a weekend drama Neeli Chatri Wale where a frustrated Bhagwan Das talks and befriends Lord Shiva.

We have seen people talking and befriending both, Gods and Demons in film.  However, this time the same concept is applied on Indian Television. With a philosophy of “God is within us” Zee TV brings up a new serial where the protagonists, a frustrated common man Bhagwan Das talks and befriends, none other than Lord Shiva himself.

Neeli Chatri Wale listing 574x358 Neeli Chatri Wale : Lord Shiva Now Connects With Common Man !

Oh I wish I too could share my daily frustrations with God as my companion! So, the concept of the serial makes me wonder, “What Lord Shiva has to tell the common man to sort out his daily dilemma!” Perhaps, it will help not just Bhagwan Das but the viewers as well.

But, Who Is This Lucky Chap Bhagwan Das?

Bhgawan Das (Yashpal Sharma) is not as lucky as we think. The reason? He is bullied by his father Mithilesh Chaturvedi and his wife Bobby (Disha Salva). Yea, the same story of a middle class man who despite working hard for the family is the most tortured one. No one hears or cares for him, neither his father nor his Dharam patni.

In Bhagwan’s case it is even worse as his own children are ashamed of him. Ghor Kalyug, isn’t it? Let me tell you the reason for this feeling – Bhagwan Das works as a salesman for “Titu Underwear Aur Baniyaan!”

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Now although there is nothing bad about it, it will be fun to see the light hearted drama where the middle aged Bhagwan Das in sandwiched between his personal and professional life in the busy city of Kanpur.

How Does Bhagwan Das Meets Lord Shiva?

Well, frustrated and torn between all the people around him, Bhagwan Das once sees a man with a blue umbrella who gives him shelter. This man i.e. Neeli Chatri Wale is no ordinary man but Lord Shiva.  However, he doesn’t appear in his divine form. At first, he is a modern young man just like any other contemporary guy. Lord Shiva is played by Himanshu Soni who is also seen as Gautam Buddha in yet another Zee TV weekend show.

What Is The Message of Neeli Chatri Wale?

This weekend series directed by the director Ashwin Dhir of Son Of Sardaar fame gives us a simple message that we should not ignore our inner voice, but listen to it. According to the director, Bhagwan Das in the drama, will listen to his inner voice by having conversation with the Lord.

Inspired by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar starrer OMG – Oh My God, this weekend drama is expected to inspire us to show us a right direction.

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Well, since it exhibits God coming on the earth and helping the man with his hurdles, it does fascinates us!

What do you think about this concept of Zee TV’s Neeli Chatri Wale? Does fantasy fiction has the capacity to change the negativity that usually surrounds us, specially when it revolves around the almighty?

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