Reader’s Voice: The world has lost one of its best souls through the demise of Nelson Mandela. He was only as divine and as much an idol as a mortal can be, and was an example of how life ought to be lived.

We all are a part of the journey called life. The quality of it depends upon how well we live it before we depart from this mortal world.

Throughout out life we have encountered numerous people who make a dent on our mind and heart. They either impress us or leave a stain which makes us stronger so that we can face the obstacles of life with greater will.  It is not only living beings from which we can learn life’s lessons. Nature can also play a vital role, only if we give some time to ponder over it.  Look at the trees that selflessly remain intact at their position and do not care whether anyone watered them or soiled their roots. In spite of this, they keep on giving us fresh air by sucking in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and providing shelter for anyone who comes to them for solace. They are more spiritual than a person who does nothing for his fellow being and hence wastes his lifetime only living for himself.

Time to time, we have seen and read about some great philosophers and gurus descending on this earth to spread the word of love and compassion. All of them have the same motive- to make the world a lovelier place to live subtraction of hatred addition of kindness. One such person, Nelson Mandela, recently departed from the world. The man whose life-long struggle comes to an end with the elimination of Apartheid in South Africa, he was just an extension of the divine light that regularly descends on this earth in order to enlighten us with the fact that we all are a part of the same divinity and come out of the same flesh and blood. The skin colour and any other physical difference shall not be an excuse to create barriers and hence show supremacy over the other fellow beings.

The life of such type of people is a message to all of us and we have to carry it forward to the next generations. This is only to achieve a greater goal where the world behaves like a family and every person belongs to the other.

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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