Nepal government seeks for donations but its ill fame and unplanned planning impede the flow of donations. Modi has assured help to Nepal in every possible way.

Where on one hand, cordiality in India-China relationship is something that India toils for, there on the other hand, earthquake-plagued Nepal looks forward to serving hands from us. Who other than ‘us’, India, would stand by its neighbours in the times of their needs? And, it’s a total bummer if one fails to.

Severity of the natural calamity that struck Nepal need not be mentioned, for, each of us still emotionally shake to recall that colossal catastrophe.

nepal yens In The Times Of Need



April-May could not keep Nepal-disaster at bay

April 2015 and May 2015, for Nepal, were the ugliest calendar pages of 2015. The earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 caused 8,000 deaths and 19,000 injuries while May 12, comparably, lowered death figures to 153 and 3,275 injuries. This earthquake is known to be the worst since 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. Hundreds of thousands were rendered roof-less life, age-long buildings were demolished at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. The disaster didn’t pity anyone, from the ones in embryonic stage to the ones in grey stage.

Why is cash flow to Nepal debatable?

“How can we help Nepal” is the question that every kind heart ponders over. And this much needed aid is not what Nepal can defy at this stage. Ram Sharan Mahat, Nepal’s Finance Minister sees a few donations in its cards, especially when the country undergoes cash-deficit. Lack of blueprints to initiate reconstruction along with Nepal’s ill fame for corruption and non-accountableness elicit a debate on “how much will donors donate”. Although, P.K. Mishra, a senior official in the Indian PMO, visited Nepal, assuring Kathmandu that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would leg up Nepal in every possible way if Nepal lucidly states its demands.

help nepal In The Times Of Need


So-far claims of donors

One and only billionaire of Nepal, Binod Chaudhary, has embraced an onus of building 1,000 homes. Choki Nygma Rinpoche, Buddhist monk belonging to Tibetan origin has donated a sum of 5 million and assembled a sum of $1,60,000 to reconstruct the flattened villages. Nine years of Nepal’s internal politics have retarded the inflow of donations to the country.

Nepal government – Be cautious of

The Nepal government ought to allow the local philanthropist to work for the victims and not just allow it to go through PM’s Relief Fund mechanism alone. Victim’s dignity and self-respect need not be compromised with. Majority want to reconstruct their shelter with self-contributions which is in stark contrast to the government’s donation-seeking eyes with no firm planning to spend it.


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