New Delhi is the most happening city to live and work in only if one knows the various events happening around the city.

New Delhi, over the years, has developed from just being a national capital to a place where much of the young Indian workforce comes to set up their careers. Often it becomes boring to live in a new city when one is without a family. This is why it is vital to be entertained. New Delhi, being the capital of India, attracts the artists from all around the world. Moreover, there are exhibitions and food joints, which serve up almost every kind of cuisine known to man. Here are some of the recent events in Delhi that are sure to capture the people’s attention.

new delhi events New Delhi : The Most Happening City of India

Jugaad- A Hindi Play

On the 6th of March at 7pm, the group of Manch Ap Sab ka (M.A.S.K) will be presenting the famous Hindi play written by Rajesh Tripathi in the Shree Ram Center on Safdar Hasmi Marg. The play will be directed by Dinesh Ahlawat. Ticket prices are cheap and can also be bought online. Tickets can be bought from a hundred to five hundred rupees per head depending upon class of the ticket. This play can be enjoyed while watching it with both friends and family. In the end, it will prove to be perfect evening filled with fun and frolic.

jugaad hindi play New Delhi : The Most Happening City of India

Nauras: The Many Arts of the Deccan

The Aesthetics Project in collaboration with the National Museum of New Delhi is hosting this temporary art exhibition till the 20th of March in the National Museum, New Delhi located at Janpath. The exhibition is opened for public viewing from 10 am every day. Various items of arts from the Sultanates of the Deccan region, which represents the Indian cosmopolitanism, will be showcased in this exhibition. The marbled Al- buraq painting from Birajpur, the 18th century Qanat from Burhanpur, the Kalamkari Coverlet also from Birajpur and the Ajaib al Makluqat’s Deccani copies will be among the 120 other spellbinding pieces displayed in this exhibition. Dr. Kavita Singh and Dr. Preeti Bahadur are the curators for this exhibition.

nauras new delhi art New Delhi : The Most Happening City of India

Special World Cup Screening

For all the cricket crazy fans of the Indian national cricket team, the Plaza Premium Lounge of the Indira Gandhi International Airport is organizing a special world cup screening of the various matches scheduled to be played. The plush and calm ambience of the lounge will not only make the guests feel relaxed. Moreover, the enjoyment of watching a match with other people on a giant screen is priceless. The Plaza Premium Lounge will also serve the guests with one complimentary chilled beer during the screening. On top of this, the guests will get a drink free with every two drinks that they buy. The prices start at 1000 rupees plus taxes.

plaza premium lounge new delhi New Delhi : The Most Happening City of India

Lucknowi Food Festival

The Brew Master restaurant to the pleasure of food lovers presents the Lucknowi Food Festival till the 5th of March 2015. The food served at this festival will be made available by the restaurant during both lunch and dinner hours at a price of just 1500 rupees for a meal for two.

lucknowi food festival new delhi New Delhi : The Most Happening City of India

Thus, Delhi is the most happening city to live and work in only if one knows the various events happening around the city.

By: Alina Parker

The author takes a keen interest in roaming around a city and exploring whatever it has to offer. He is currently searching about the recent events in Delhi to be held for eventshigh.

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