The new Mahabharat in Star Plus simply twists and contorts an old epic – so much so that they should have considered a different name for the show.

As a kid, we all saw “Mahabharat” every Sunday on the television screen. Firstly, we had no options as our parents stayed glued to the TV and secondly, the fighting scenes which we loved greatly. Over the decades, having watched it keenly and then reading the story from here and there, along with the books written by scholars, have given us a deep insight of this mythological drama.

mahabharat tv serial satyavati The New Mahabharat In Star Plus : Anything To Be Different!

Then, one fine day, in the early last year, we got to know Mahabharat was coming on the small screen in Star Plus all over again. Just like Ramayana, we thought it would be as amazing as seen in the past, even, the makers told us they will give us something very different. The word different raised our expectations. However, I have observed the show has only contradictory things to give us without any basis, making us think what sort of crap the makers are throwing at us.

Let us see one such example:

False Portrayal of Dhrupad’s Hatred towards Draupadi

Dhrupad, the King of Paanchaal, was a haughty person and after he was defeated by Pandavas, on the order of Dron, their guru, he had yearned for a daughter who could marry the brave, Arjun and a boy, who called kill Drona. So, he began his yagya for his son. When the time came to give ahuhti, Rishi tells Dhrupad to call his wife but since his wife was bathing, he himself gives ahuhti with a desire of a girl. Then comes the Agni Dev with a beautiful girl Draupadi. Seeing her, Dhrupad is not only very content but also very delighted. And with the same process he gets his son, Dhrishtadyuman.

However, something weird was thrown to us in the name of this story in the current track of Mahabharat. It was shown that Dhrupad is annoyed to see a girl in the yagya along with his son. He also reveals it to Draupadi, confessing that her birth is the symbol of his loss. When she is sad and plans to leave Dhrupad’s capital Kampilya, Shri Krishna wages a war against Dhrupad. However, Draupadi comes right at time, to save his father, shouting “If you have to kill my father, you first have to kill me.” Very filmy, isn’t it? Since When did Drupad hate his daughter, Draupadi? Are the makers influenced with the women exploitation and the concept of naari atyachar?

In addition, we see Krishna too much involved with Draupadi, which I think is again an unnecessary addition. It looks as if, he is flirting with her and the two “are a filmi couple”. Now, Krishna has to be really strong so that people not only love him but also respect him to a great level.

Had the new Mahabharat bestowed us with the same original story, with different people and outstanding effects, the show would have been a killer, but instead, Star Plus thought of throwing us an indigestible plot, claiming to be different. Now, had these differences made sense and had some basis, we would have loved it. Aren’t controversial plots attractive? However, nothing of that sort is shown here. Wonder, why did the makers spent 120 crore to make this claptrap? Perhaps, another example of – “Anything in the name of being different.”

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