Renew your thoughts and ideas this new year and give 2015 a headstart!

As we welcome 2015 with celebrations and pomp, we have jotted down a huge list of things on our minds!

The way we celebrate new year, and the ones whom we celebrate it with might change everytime, but one thing remains constant! And that is the strong desire to bring about a change for the good inside us! It is but human to make new year resolutions every year.

A new year, means a whole new opportunity, to shed the past behind, and begin afresh.  

NYE 2014 My Diary 2015

We, as humans strongly believe in the power of improving. “Believe, and you will achieve” (Prof Carol Dweck Stanford University).  

With this in mind here are some fun resolutions from my diary for 2015!    

1. Spend Time with yourself

This one goes especially to all those who are newly weds or new parents! Investing time in your self, such as exercising, learning a new language, joining a new hobby class etc; these hobbies and newly developed habits are always an asset in the long run!

The more we spend time with ourselves, the more we understand ourselves. And in turn, the more we understand ourselves, the better we are at tackling difficult situations.

deepika padukone still from yeh jawani hai deewani 13643660300 My Diary 2015

” The moment you stop investing in yourself, is the moment you have written off future dividends in life” (Oprah Winfrey)

2. Be keen on making experiences rather than money!

queen movie images 19 1417680869 My Diary 2015

I know we all want to make it big in our respective fields! But material possessions, donot make us richer. It is the wisdom that comes after facing numerous experiences, that help us manage what we earned!

Travelling, reading and expanding your horizons, testing yourself in new situations will help you achieve a level of contentment, that bags and shoes probably cannot give!  

3. De stress but don’t stop working!   

This one sounds crazy but it’s a really beneficial one! We shut down our minds when we are off work, thinking that it refreshes us… yes it does. But next year, it’s time to change the way we feel about work. 

deepika kartikjpg 459738 My Diary 2015

Work today, demands a lot more than just the 9 to 9 thinking span. 

Think of inventing and creating something new, or maybe just a new way of doing the same monotonous job, while gymming, swimming, chatting with friends etc, work wont be just another synonym for monotony!

Pondering for new ideas, enhances creativity, and might give you an edge over the others! 

4. Spread Love!

Clearly, 2014 hasn’t been a very pleasant year, especially if we recall the recent horrible incidents that have shaken all of us.

From horrendous terrorist activities, to serious criminal activities, 2014 has shown us a different side to humanity. 

Hatred breeds hatred. If we learn to love and respect all religions, maybe by the next new year, the word spreads! 

bipasha10 031613070146 My Diary 2015

5. Work towards being a Global Citizen

“Think global and act local!” Not only is this phrase a successful marketing mantra, but also a successful approach to life.

In today’s world where any global happening directly or indirectly affects the country, we must start thinking globally now.

tumblr mom3o2Yoza1s2t5k1o1 1280 My Diary 2015

Thanks to internet and media, awareness is easily created; but as responsible and aware citizens we must do our bit towards the society. It might seem like a drop in the ocean, but it could mean the world to someone else!

210808 My Diary 2015

Priyanka Chopra with women from NGO Khushi

Our Bollywood stars don’t feel shy towards doing their bit! Truly this is inspiring for us!

6. Taking responsibility

A lot could have gone wrong in 2014.. and this doesn’t only mean break ups! Quitting your job and venturing out into a new struggle, taking a huge loan for a house etc; we all face these challenges. And sometimes we end up taking wrong decisions due to our circumstances!

81 My Diary 2015 

So this new years, own up to your mistakes and take a resolution to correct them! The best way to move forward is to accept and learn from the mistakes we made. 

And what better time than this, to correct yourself!

Good Luck with the resolutions and here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 

Medha Mukerji

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