News these days is not about the important occurrences but vote-bank policy. Indian media is sold and hence the news they broadcast is insubstantial.

If we turn the newspaper and watch live debates then we will feel that there is an unprecedented situation in the country and intolerance has risen manifold. There is a threat to the individual’s freedom and the situation is even worse than the Emergency!

media sold Indo Africa Summit, Award Return And Growing Fanaticism

Let’s see the morality, modality and malicious intention behind this paranoia for which Main Stream Media (MSM) is equally responsible –

  1. Where was the conscience of the intellectuals when Sikhs were massacred during 84 riots? Our Pseudo intellectuals were happily receiving awards from the likes of Jagdish Tytler who is convicted for mass murder of Sikhs. Surprisingly all those intellectuals who have joined the chorus were silent on holocaust of Kashmiri Pandits who were left to become refugee in their own country. Whether secular fabric and pluralistic character of this country was not in danger at that time?

These intellectuals were silent when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency and all of a sudden there is enlightenment and they are ganging against an elected government.

  1. There is a perception created by the media as if secular fabric of this country is under threat that too because of a minor incidence happened in Dadri. Disproportionate coverage was given to Dadri while nobody chattered a single word over killing of a youth in Karnataka just because the victim was not from the Vote-Bank community.

Secularism is actually under threat in Bengal where a community is not allowed to perform Durga Puja but this will not form part of live debates and nobody will speak for these people because the victims are not from the Vote-Bank community.

  1. Our country recently hosted Indo-Africa summit in which premiers of all African countries participated and our government tried to rapport with the third world countries. But for media, its personal interest matters more than the national interest and MSM continued to debate & discuss over Dadri, beef, award return etc.
  2. Our Army killed Abu Quasim, a most wanted Lashkar-e-Taiba commander and the master mind of Kashmir attack. Funeral of this dreaded terrorist was attended by thousands but rising fanaticism among the Muslim youth will never be part of discussion in the MSM just because it doesn’t suits their interest.

SAHITYA AKADEMI Indo Africa Summit, Award Return And Growing Fanaticism

Although it is in the national interest to discuss this evil as our security agencies are trying their best and fighting in a hostile environment to preserve the sovereignty of this country but this will not be discussed by the media because it doesn’t suits their interest. Similar kind of attitude & reaction was noticed when Yakub Menon (Mumbai blast convict) was hanged.

Hell with the national interest, MSM will continue with it’s personal interest.

  1. Any kind of anti-social or anti-national activity should not be linked to any particular religion. Good and bad people are everywhere and no religious teaching tells to kill the human being.

The above statement holds good when there is a terrorist activity anywhere in the world. All our leaders and media comes to a conclusion that “Terror has no religion” which is absolutely fine.

However we saw an unprecedented situation when Chhota Rajan was arrested in Indonesia and media identified him as “Hindu Don”! If terror has no religion then how come crime can be associated with a particular religion?

psuedo secularism media politics Indo Africa Summit, Award Return And Growing Fanaticism

Of course a media house has issued it’s clarification but is that enough? Isn’t it showing the bias of the MSM and shouldn’t more caution be taken while covering any sensitive issue?

National interest must be kept above the petty personal gains. While our government was forging diplomatic and strategic ties with African nations, our media was busy discussing beef and other issues which were of no relevance. India extended concessional line of credit of more tha USD Ten Billion to Africa to compete with the global powers present there and support of African countries is critical for UN reforms. Africa is energy rich and can be of great help to meet our growing energy needs but surprisingly such an important event was not given adequate coverage by the mainstream media.

As far as communal harmony is concerned, our secular ethos are not so weak that it will get shaken by disproportionate reporting of small incidences and misrepresentation of facts. Beef eating is not a matter of food habit but it is related to religious sentiments of large section of this country. Everybody is free to have his choice of food but this freedom is not absolute. Congress which claims legacy over Mahatma Gandhi should remember his views on cow slaughter.

mahatma gandhi gaza jews1 Indo Africa Summit, Award Return And Growing Fanaticism

Timing of returning the awards by writers and others clearly indicates a political conspiracy behind this. People are turning to live debates to return their award which clearly exposes these pseudo intellectuals. Those who are really concerned about religious harmony should discuss the return of Kashmiri Pandits to their homeland rather than returning the award to serve their political agenda. Left wing intellengesia is confronting the government but they should understand that nationalist wave changed the political diaspora in last year and very soon academic encroachment will also come to an end.


By:- CA Shshank Saurav

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