Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are at the centre of the national outrage over the illegal snooping on a young woman. Even though Modi has gone to the extent of setting up an inquiry commission to look into the matter, can one really trust the commission’s credibility?

The whole world knows that the Gujarat Administration is cornered into a tight spot with the allegations of illegal ‘snooping upon a woman’ under the supervision of 2002 Home Minister of Gujarat Amit Shah. He is exposed as acting under the instructions of ‘Saheb’. The situation is really rough for the first time for Narendra Modi who has survived till date all attempts to bring him to book for his alleged involvement in the 2002 massacres in his state. Now, to save face, he has appointed a two members commission that includes Justice Sugunaben Bhatt and bureaucrat K.C. Kapoor. The commission has been asked to submit its reports within three months. It is a foregone conclusion of what would be the end-product of inquiry.
Modi for PM So Nice of You Narendra Modi Ji

An Urdu poet has once wisely said: “Khud he shahid, khud he qatil, khud he munsif therey, Aqraba kis pa Karen khoon ka dawa mere.” You ‘re the witness, you’re the killer and you’re the Judge yourself. To whom my relatives could impute for my murder.”It is a similar situation. With Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs, how could an Inquiry Commission function freely against the apparatus of state – an investigation against itself with the team picked up by itself??

The Sham of Inquiry Commissions

Inquiry Commissions are just an EYE WASH to hide the ineptness, inefficiency and complacency of various governments. Since independence, more than 100 Inquiry Commissions were set up, but none did serve their purpose. These commissions are not even toothless tigers. They have no power to compel a person to adduce before it and give evidence. They are not entitled to pass verdicts or judgments and they can’t take any action even if the offense is committed in its presence. I don’t think that Indians care two hoots about these commissions as the public faith is seriously eroded in government intentions. A whole dossier is needed to write in detail about them. However, I shall present a few important commissions that failed to live up to their high expectations:

1. Justice Shiv Dayal Srivastava Report on Jabalpur, Sagar, Damoh and Narasinhapur (M.P) riots Feb 1961.
2. Justice Raghubar Dayal Commission of Inquiry into 1967 riots of Ranchi, Sholapur, Malegaon. Ahmednagar, Sursand, Jaipur and Suchetpur.
3. Justice Jagmohan Reddy Commission of Inquiry investigation report of Ahmedabad riots 1969.
4. Justice D.P. Madan Commission of Inquiry Report of Communal disturbance at Bhagalpur, Jalgaon, Mahad in May 1970.
5. Justice Joseph Vithyathil Inquiry Commission Report in Tellicherry 1971.
6. Justice J. Narain, S.K. Ghosh and S.Q. Rizvi Inquiry Commission Report of Jamshedpur riots in 1979.
7. N.C. Saxena Inquiry Commission Report on Meerut riots Sep – Oct 1982
8. Justice B.N. Kirpal Commission of Inquiry Report to probe into Bombay Air India Flight 182 disaster that led to the death of 329 passengers in 1985.
9. Justice Shamsul and R.C.P. Sinha Inquiry Commission, which was set up on Bhagalpur communal riots in 1989. Reports were submitted in 1995.
10. Sri Krishna Inquiry Commission Report on 1992 – 93 riots. It had indicted 31 police officers from the ranks of D.C.P to those of constables. The benevolent, secular and popular government of ‘Lady of Sacrifices and Sound Policies’ is still studying the ‘legal position’ on its implementation while the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes are enjoying the fresh breeze at ‘Rajiv Gandhi Setu’.
11. Justice Ali Ahmed Commission was set up to look into excess withdraw in 1996. Very little is known about the Commission, outcome of commission and the follow up action.
12. In Bihar, Justice Amir Das Commission was set up to probe the alleged connections of political leaders with the banned outfit called Ranveer Sena 1997. The commission was finally wounded up in 2006 and it hardly did anything worth description.
13. Phuka Inquiry Commission Report which was set up to probe ‘Tehelka Exposure’ into the fictitious defense deals. The sordid drama was seen by everybody on T.V. In May 2005, the Inquiry Team visited Pune, Bombay and Shirdi in IAF plane. The ministry later said that the team was not entitled to use the military plane and it was made available to them by the then government in order to influence the commission.
14. In 2008, Inquiry Commission was set up under Justice Sadanand Mukherji to probe Kahalgaon Police firing. It is still a non-starter.
15. Following the recent breach in Kosi embankment that caused manor flood in Bihar, the state government quickly constituted a Commission of Inquiry under Justice Rajesh Walia. Do the readers know anything about it ?

My point is that governments waste the public money and pull the wool over the public eyes. The latest brouhaha about Modi’s Inquiry Commission is an election gimmick. Public knows everything. NaMo should resign if he means HONEST business.


By Naim Naqvi


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