Nitish Kumar’s terms in Bihar has raised goons like Bindi Yadav. And Nitish Kumar shamelessly aspires to be a PM. Can he justify his liberty to criminals?

Recently transpired murder of Aditya Sachdeva by Rocky Yadav, son of Bihar’s JDU MLC Manorama Devi and criminal-cum-business-tycoon Bindeshwari Prasad Yadav, aka Bindi, is the hot button rolling over all across the media houses.

‘Jungle Raaj’ has been rampant in Bihar and who in the country doesn’t cognize this fact? Eh? None. After all, this is speciality what unlawful state of Bihar is known for.

bindi yadav Nitish Kumar Has Been Impudently Raising Criminals Like Bindi

Where crime mushroomed in Bihar, criminals like Bindi Yadav racked up ginormous riches by unfair and illicit means. Of the horrendous saga of ‘Jungle Raaj’ in Bihar, Bindi’s criminal chronicles, which I’m going to narrate while moving forward, is just a miniscule excerpt from the tall ugly story of corruption in Bihar.

The business honcho Bindi Yadav, who although did try his luck in politics but hopelessly embraced his consecutive failures, has rose from being a thief to millionaire. And undoubtedly, bloodshed, robbery, loot, dacoit, extortion and suck-likes have been the crucial ingredients in his recipe of making money. In 2010, Bindi contested elections on RJD ticket and in fact, he himself announced 18 criminal cases in the affidavit. 19 cases still impend against him in the police stations distributed across Bihar.

notorious bindi yadav friendship with nitish kumar SECVPF.gif Nitish Kumar Has Been Impudently Raising Criminals Like Bindi

Despite the criminal background Bindi had, Bindi was given certain liberties under Nitish Kumar government. He was allowed to retain his arms license in spite of the fact that numerous criminal charges hovered over him.

Can Nitish Kumar, who unembarrassedly aspires to be a PM of the big nation like India, nullify the criticisms we, the people, would shoot upon him for nurturing such criminals?

By Prerna Daga

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