Peace Prize has been the biggest conflict in the history of the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize which started as a controversy among the relatives of the Dynamite Man Alfred Nobel as to whether the huge capital accumulated by him should be reserved for the biggest prize attracts controversy even now. Sometimes given to the people who allegedly didn’t deserve it and at other instances, some others being denied the prize even after fitting the criteria for getting the award, the award is seen as an opaque monopoly of the announcing committee. Peace Prize has been the biggest conflict in the history of the Nobel Prize.

We shall try to look into some of the cases where the prize was awarded blindly and couldn’t yield anything for the cause. We really can’t guess if it happens because of the infantile lunacy of the Committee or because of hoping against the hope to use it as a magic bullet to minimise the obstacles in the way of peace.

nobel peace prize obama Does Nobel Prize Really Yield Some Peace? Some Case Studies

Malala Yousufzai is the first candidate to be discussed here. Well. I am not a misogynist. I know people in the west and those in the east, who take themselves as the advocates of the child education, may rise against me. So, let me clear it first that I am a campaigner of the child education and I am a feminist of some sort. I start with a few questions. Why was Malala given the Prize?

A commoner said, ‘That is simple to answer. She has been a campaigner for the child rights.’ This doesn’t make sense. There are so many other child rights activists who have worked for the periods extending more than the age of Malala. OK… Mr Britisher has got a sensible answer. ‘She was shot in the head for she advocated the child education in Pakistan.’ Ooohhho. That’s again non-sense.

drone attack in pakistan Does Nobel Prize Really Yield Some Peace? Some Case Studies

The American drones and Taliban’s missiles have killed innumerable children while on their journey to the schools. But they remained un-noticed. Here, we have Mr Obama online and he comes up with an (il)logical answer. ‘She risked her life for other children of her age in Pakistan and persuaded them to go to school.’ Perhaps Mr Obama is unaware of the current position of education in Pakistan. The literacy rate didn’t show any ascent since Malala was shot. Obama should also make sure he realises that Malala is no longer a Pakistani citizen. She is living there in London in huge and luxurious apartments.

It is not the Taliban which hinders education in Pakistan. It is the in fact the policy they adopt. They lavishly spend a huge amount of money for the defence purposes out of method which on one hand keeps Taliban intact and on the other hand eats up a big proportion of the funds that could have been diverted towards the education. The point is, there is no definite nexus between Malala and educational uplift of the children especially in Pakistan. Bangladesh has shown a great improvement in the past decade and they don’t house Malala!

malala nobel peace prize Does Nobel Prize Really Yield Some Peace? Some Case Studies

The question, thus, remains unanswered. We have to find the answer though. For this, we ought to get into the boots of the Nobel Committee. And here comes the answer. She is being used as an effective figurehead against Taliban. Portrayed as an angel of education, Malala, an ordinary blog-writer got a big break after getting a bullet from the Taliban militants.

It is good to listen to her delimiting Islam from terrorism and raising voice against any form of terrorism. But at the same time it surprises the muslim countries to think why doesn’t she speak anything in favour of her nation’s girl, Aafia Siddiqui, who is suffering the American atrocities for the crime which she didn’t commit. This makes the whole situation complex. So, it is simple to figure out that she is an arrow with the western commanding bow. They write books and say, ‘Malala’s masterpiece’. She gotta co-author for each of her books with the West speaking through her!

The discussion over Malala’s Nobel can go beyond 100 pages and I don’t want to make everything public. You can yourself think and conclude your views about the same. Another candidate is ‘no more’. He is popular in both Israel as well as Palestine but with the contrary titles……Messiah in Palestine and Terror in Israel. To other nations he is known as Yasser Arafat.

Yasser Arafat 2410598b Does Nobel Prize Really Yield Some Peace? Some Case Studies

This man had a gloomy past before he got the Nobel Peace Prize with Israeli counterpart and Simon Pears. Many Israeli organisations tag him as ‘un-repentant terrorist’ having a dusty past of hijackings, assassinations and murders. He was also accused of killing 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. Despite all this, he was given the Nobel recognition for the Oslo Peace Accords aimed at bilateral peace between Israel and Palestine which have a long and seemingly unending history of war. The prize was given in anticipation of bringing peace to these states. They soon resumed their covert and open military operations to down each other which continue till now.

Yasser Arafat Noble prize was given on a theoretical basis….. The assumption was that the accords may bring peace to the nations which never happened. Another like case is that of Barrack Obama. He was given the Nobel just months after assuming the office. The theory was that he may bring peace to the middle-east. The peace he brought to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria is known to everybody. H e has destroyed and plundered the resources in the middle-east and made the region a centre for all the terrorism which suits his interests.

By: Aarif Qadir

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