PM Narendra Modi as spawned quite a trend in men’s fashion recently. Even the President of the United States Barrack Obama wants a Modi Kurta!

So Does the Well Dressed Indian Man!modi kurta OBAMA WANTS A MODI KURTA

  1. When addressing the assembled guests at the state dinner hosted by President Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, US President Barack Obama quipped that he would like to wear a Modi kurta; remarking that “The Prime Minister is a style icon.” (Source)
  2. modi fashion OBAMA WANTS A MODI KURTAAnd PM Narendra Modi has in fact created a style all his own; based on his own distinctive sartorial choices consisting of the unique half sleeved khadi kurta, the sleeveless jacket and various natty headgears. Not since the Nehru Coat has Indian political fashion created as much of a stir in the fashion world (the AAP cap doesn’t really count).
  3. modi fashion OBAMA WANTS A MODI KURTAIf you visit Ahmedabad, you will be accosted with Modi Style: adverts and hoardings of the Modi Jacket and the Modi Kurta from a select local fashion house beam down at you. This was probably meant to catch the eye of the loaded NRI attending the Pravasi Bharti Divas events in the city; and it most certainly did.
  4. modi jacket  OBAMA WANTS A MODI KURTAAn Ahmedabad based men’s fashion store, Jade Blue has cleverly latched on to the Modi wave by coming out with a range of Modi Fashion.
  5. This range of menswear is marketed as a means to “Reconnect yourself with your roots with this unique fashion. Modi Kurta is created to foster ties with the great Indian values and traditions through natural fabrics, iconic style, perfection and an understand elegance that speaks for itself.
  6. JadeBlue Modi Jacket  1422328639 76093 OBAMA WANTS A MODI KURTASo Modi Fashion is a sartorial trend to reckon with now; even the President of the United States acknowledges this.

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