Obama spoke some Hindi phrases in addresses. This is significant for many reasons and the US president has hereby spoken more Hindi than many Indian leaders

“आप सब को मेरा प्यार भरा नमस्कार!”Obama Modi Joint Press Conference Delhi 650x400 Obama Speaks More Hindi Than Karunanidhi !

  1. President of the United States, Barack Obama seems intent on saying and doing all the right things on this, his second visit to India. If he greeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a jaunty  કેમ છો (kem chho or how are you in Gujarati) when our PM visited the United States, he seems to have boned up on more of the frequently used phrases in our Indian languages.
  2. Yesterday, at a joint press conference, both leaders addressed the gathering, with Obama starting his speech with आप सब को मेरा प्यार भरा नमस्कार (Aap sab ko mera pyar bhara namaskar or my affectionate greetings to all of you).
  3. During his speech he thanked the prime minister for the têteà-tête over tea, saying that the चाय पे चरच, is something that they need to have more of those in the White House. (Source)
  4. Obama referred to the visit of the PM to the US last year and to his Madison Square Garden in New York where he was greeted like a Bollywood star.
  5. He also ended his speech with a bit of Hindi – चलें साथ साथ – let’s walk together. This is significant for so many reasons; it is obvious that the American president is making the effort to relate to Indian people and not just Indian leaders.
  6. And with this, we have seen the president of the United States speak more Hindi than our very own M. Karunanidhi and many other Indian leaders who speak regrettably bad Hindi or who cannot be bothered to speak it at all.


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