We start with the conundrum: Did God create Man or Man created God?

We start with the conundrum: Did God create Man or Man created God?

Despite being named a conundrum, the puzzle fizzles out because it is not possible to ask God for an answer.  And when the question is posed to humans, the fizzle becomes too much and one gets acidic.

godcreatedman Objectification of GOD

Some believe in God. Many believe in God. Some of them are in love with God while the others hate him. A few, of course, ignore him.  Now, it seems I classified God’s gender.

Most of humans, including many atheists agree to one basic character of God – He is supposed to represent that is GOOD.  Normally, those who remain atheists remain because the concept of God is illogical and unreasonable.

However, many wise men do believe in God, for the simple reason that true wisdom knows what is not known.  So, unless there are clear answers for any question that can be asked, belief in God will exist. 

Considering there is God, now comes who is he, what is he, how is he and where is he? I think it is time to reason out.

God is said to be the driving force of the universe and resides in heaven. God is also said to be ubiquitous, i.e., he is in all beings, living and non-living. 

People lived in ancient times needed God whenever they were threatened by anything and everything. Even now, this need of God remain unchanged. However, unlike us, they stressed their evolving brains to decipher the metaphor GOD. They did it in many ways.  

God was initially objectified and personified. For the evolving humans, the nature was a mystery (which remained still, for most of the unexplained part, despite all advances in science).  People worshipped Sun and Fire. Ancient Indians considered all five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Sky as parts of nature that are necessary for life. Whatever is needed to survive and live is God.  Yes, God was simple in those days. Give and take one or two elements, people world over in those days irrespective of their place of residence, have worshipped nature.

god elements of nature Objectification of GOD

Slowly, with increasing advances in lifestyle, even in those times, people must have been stressed out.  Hence, the quest for PEACE.  It is the inner peace that they strove for.  For the people with low IQ, prayers were devised, which are nothing but praising the God and requesting him for next meal. As always, there were few who thought beyond next meal, started MEDITATION.  Now, for meditation, one needs to have good concentration.  And, it is easier to concentrate on any object, rather than concentrating on nothing.  

Objects used for meditation and prayers varied a lot from natural forms like fire to human forms, when God is portrayed as a human.  Even the reproduction parts of human were considered to represent God.  [This particular worshipping object in the form of phallus was condemned by many, as it was perversion or simply eroticism.  

However, still there is no other equipment that can infuse life so easily in a process called sex using these parts, despite all advances in science.  All that can grow in labs use one living block, at least.  

From where the first building block of life came? Science may answer this question in future, as it had answered so many in the past.  Still, even when it answered, it remain something that even dogs, flies, animals could do and were doing since beginning. So, considering the value of life and the way it was valued in those days, gives an insight into these forms.

Let us see why objectification was necessary (at least in those days, or as long as we don’t really understand the concept of god).  

angel of god Objectification of GOD


Knowledge is propagated by language and books.  Science has mathematics to explain through formulae. And mathematics used numbers to represent digits. Consider there were no digits, does it mean there is no mathematics or the rules of mathematics do not hold?  No, Digits simply represent positions of values. Rules of mathematics still hold.  Digits are used only for our understanding.  If 8 represents value of SEVEN instead of 7, does the value of SEVEN change? No. 

Same with language. If P is called Queue, does the letter comes complaining.  Never. But the reader gets confused definitely. This is simply a process of standardization.

There are various languages and scripts to illustrate various facts, emotions and other nonsense.  Even mathematics has hexagonal, decimal and other ways in which numbers were arranged.  Parameters like length to weight are expressed in tens of units.  Weight of the stone remains same irrespective of unit in which it was expressed.

Similarly, God remain unaffected even if he was portrayed or not. He doesn’t mind even if one prays, loves, hates or ignores.  

Problem with evolution and in general, the mass psychology is many a times, people lost focus on the core but concentrate on paraphernalia. So, slowly prayers and meditation have more with the objects or their forms rather than the actual mental WILL that induces peace in the praying person. And, when great men resembling good were revered, after few generations, they become demigods before finally becoming gods. 

Yes, few wise men think of this unwanted wavering of mind from the actual goal of praying or meditation.  But, there were and are many holy men, for whom it is beneficial to keep general masses as followers. 

Now, one prophet says objectification wavers mind from God to others and so does not want to depict the God and nor him.  Does it mean the prophet wanted to kill those, who depict or portray God or him?  No, he is too intelligent to warrant something so brutal like this. What does it mean?

Now, even without any portrait, the same prophet who objected objectification had people killed in his name, by followers who claim they are following his rulebook.  He would be devastated at such strange turn of events.  He might have felt failed, after all his endeavours to remove objectification of God.

And, being the most powerful and omnipresent, God can take care of those who violate his rules. God even knows, who in his name incite people with not so evolved brains, to kill others promising virgins in heaven.  And he delivers justice, at appropriate time.

By: Rama Krishna Prasad

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