This Odd Even Plan is exactly that – “a Dharna” – i.e. create some drama and scoot – The middle class gets hurt in the process – but no one cares !

What does Kejriwal‘s AAP usually do  ?  The answer is a  “dharna here” and a “dharna there” but nothing of any productivity. This Odd Even Plan is exactly that – “a Dharna” – create some drama and scoot.

How about a ZeroZero plan ? – remove all cars from the roads – the pollution will drop dramatically.

Is the odd-even plan a solution to Delhi’s pollution ? – who gets hurt ? the upwardly mobile middle class who can only afford a single car.

delhi cars odd even plan Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

Kejriwal Says More Metro and more Buses

In theory this sounds okay – but have you traveled in Delhi Metros or Buses. They are full of the “labour class” travelers – dirty , spewing filthy words , gazing women up and down, making lewd comments. Do you expect the upwardly mobile middle class citizens of Delhi to travel in this nightmarish form of public transportation that is also excessively over-crowded.  Why are you (Kejriwal) – so intent to eating into the self – respect of these people. At least let them travel to their jobs, take their children to school, and even for leisure with some dignity – or is that too much for you ?

delhi metro Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

What About the Last Mile ? While a metro is in principle great – what about the last mile of transportation (i.e. How to we get from the metro station to our homes, offices, schools, etc) – do the people have to rely on the un-reliable autos or the buses ?

Nirbhaya’s Rapists On Cycles ? Well At Least They Look Like It.

Manish sisodia dharna queen1 Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

Is This A Cruel Joke On Delhi ? Is This Is What Will Become Of Delhi ?

whats next on AAP‘s agenda – “to get atta use your own chakki” ? This is such backward regressive thinking ! Will people in Delhi be forced to ride a cycle to work with such anti-social elements ? Well, AAP wants you to !

Tackle The Real Sources Of Pollution

  • All the black smoke spewing auto rick-shaws or small delivery vans (even though they are a strong vote bank of yours)
auto rickshaw pollution Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

is any body watching : an auto emiting polluting air while traffic police turns blind eye.
photo by rajiv sharma

  • Introduce better traffic management (remove bottlenecks) and enforce lane driving – this will ensure a faster flow of traffic thereby reducing the pollution from stalled vehicles and blocked roads (but this is not a band-aid fix)

lane driving Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

  • Tackle the rampant overbuilding and construction in Delhi (but wait there is money to be earned by your MLA’s here)

over construction Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

  • How about a system of garbage recycling and re-processing ? Is that a priority at all ?

delhi garbage Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

  • Increase the green cover in Delhi – But alas, you and your ministers have fallen prey to corruption from day one. Manish Sisodia announced the increase in circle rates of the farm houses from 50 lakhs to 1 crore !  This was not an increase , but a message to the land mafia that

We are the new boss in town – make sure you give us the ‘hafta’ or else

Why is this so obvious – simple – the actual value of the farms are closer to 20-30 crores an acre and not 1 crore. Everyone knows that ! Essentially the entire sale happens using cash/black money.  And in each transaction the green belt goes – as the farms are illegally broken up into smaller pieces!

The New Delhi Master Plan Is A Scam That AAP Is Embrolied In

delhi master plan land pooling Odd   Even Plan   Middle Class Under Attack In Delhi

The master plan was created by the land mafia to convert all the farm lands into apartment buildings – this will choke Delhi – remove any green cover that is left – does the AAP do anything about this ? Absolutely nothing !

Instead it chooses to do drama instead ! Delhi is doomed – it needed a statesman, it needed an able administrator – it got drama queens instead !


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