Indian neighbours have a few quirky characteristics which define them. They sometimes get on our nerves whereas sometimes put a smile around our lips.

We’re all cursed with a few neighbours who reflect some quirky traits and annoy us knowingly or unknowingly.

Below are the 5 kinds.

1. Back-Biter

This kind of neighbour is every Indian cursed with. Every time you bump into them, no other member of your apartment is spared to be discussed. Such-likes have to gossip on every unnecessary iota of other’s life.

bitching 5 Typical And Offending Neighbours In India

2. Secret Peeper

This kind of neighbour assumes oneself to be smart enough to pass unnoticed but unfortunately gets caught. These wacky neighbours with no friendly relation with others only have their corners of eyes to interfere in other four walled homes.

peeping 5 Typical And Offending Neighbours In India

3. Sweet Askers

This kind of neighbour rings your bell to jump up with, before even your door opens completely, with Can I get a lemon, Can I get a smidgen of ginger to flavour the tea and so on.

asker 5 Typical And Offending Neighbours In India

4. Food Sharer

This kind of neighbour are indeed close to each other and closeness is shared best when their exclusive dishes are shared with each other with no particular purpose behind it but just out of merriness.

sharing food 5 Typical And Offending Neighbours In India

5. Word Warrior

This kind of neighbour doesn’t interact much but when does, they make it sure to frown and shout at each other. Every time they talk is to facilitate scorn-filled word-exchange between each other.

word warrior 5 Typical And Offending Neighbours In India

By Prerna Daga

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