We have been warned time and again against a budding office romance. However, if you do find yourself irresistibly attracted to someone at your workplace follow these six rules to carry it off smoothly.

Within a quarterly meeting, he sends her a note and she gives a broad smile after reading it. The two have no idea what’s going on in the meeting but are trying to gaze at each other as and when possible. If this is what you are doing, boy, you can get fired from your office. But if you do not want to suffer this consequence, check out the six golden rules that can come to your rescue.

Office romance is no surprise or an unnatural phenomenon given the fact that half of the day is spent in the office. However, having a steamy relationship with a colleague, manager or boss can really be troublesome. Not only a bad romance can make the boss fire you but also lead you to lose goodwill in the office, fall prey to gossip mongers and left alone in isolation.

An office romance is always good to avoid but if you think he is lovely, dishy and not just a meaningless fling, it is perhaps worthy. Here are some of the golden rules to follow while you are in an office romance so that you are not caught and fired from the office for your budding romance within the cubicles.

Golden Rule # 1

While you are in the office, forget the phrase that love is blind. Instead, go with the thoughts that even the walls have ears. Avoid secret kisses, embracing or any kind of touching as anyone can see you without you realizing. Worst, someone might walk in unexpectedly.

Golden Rule # 2

No matter how eager you two are to have lunch together, resist it. The reason being, if any of the co-workers spots you two getting cozy over lunch, the news will spread like wildfire – multiplying enemies and breeding jealousy.

Golden Rule # 3

Don’t hang on to every word of what your lover is saying in a meeting. Also, never gaze into his/her eyes and forget your sense of judgment while discussing work related issue. You may think that no one noticed but the moment you spot out of the conference room, your gazing would be the talk of the office.

Golden Rule # 4

Don’t ever use the support of your relationship to climb the ladder of promotion or grant special favors or hand pick the tasks that you prefer. If you are promoted to the next level since you are the best employee for the job and your affair  is subsequently revealed, anticipate the resentful to put it down to the ‘casting couch’.

Golden Rule # 5

Never let an argument or dispute in and out of your bedroom effect your work in any way. Also, never share your private jokes or be very cool to each other that can make others suspicious and make them dig into your rapport or closeness.

Golden Rule # 6

In case, your romance hits the dust, make sure that it doesn’t affect your work in any way and you two are as civilized in the office as you can be without hurting each other. If you are in the superior position, make sure you do not take actions of any form that would compel your ex to leave the office or get them fired.

An office romance is very hard to hide. Couples may assume that they are doing the job wonderfully only to discover that the only employees in the office that are not talking about their budding romance are the two of them. However, if you are in an office romance and want to play it safe then adapt the six golden six rules for a smooth office affair.

Good Luck!

By Deepti Verma

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