One of the major high-points of the Congress campaign once used to be’ Vote unhi ko deejiye jinhe raj chalana aata hai’ which has proved true over the years.

With such bad press and negative publicity it comes as no surprise that almost all surveys predict a route of the UPA in 2014 even though they do not predict a clear victory for the NDA. That should be a cause of worry for some while some will assert that the rise of the regional  parties should be welcomed in a huge country like India.

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All this however has been  debated and discussed ad nauseam. The focus of this write up is on a strange finding reflected in the latest survey of a TV channel that was aired recently. The survey compared the voting preferences of various classes and categories of people for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

The survey based on sample interviews is as close to reality as one wants to believe it is almost predictable. It shows that the Modi led NDA has cut into the Congress vote bank across all sections of society. He also scores across rural and urban sections over  the UPA as of now.

But what made me sit up and watch the programme was the finding that the support for the UPA was higher among senior citizens. Although this had also considerably gone down from 34 to 30 per cent from 2009 to 2014 but it is the only category where UPA scores higher than the NDA.

I read the blogs of senior journalists and spoke to what they call old-fogies (meaning those who survived to be called senior citizens) to realise that there are compelling factors for this finding.

One of course is the very normal reason that the older generation is not driven by what they call a Bhed Chal. They see through marketing gimmicks for what they are because age has made them sceptical and wiser. So if the surveys show a Modi wave all across the country they also know that  a Cobrapost sting operation had shown how ‘likes’ could and are being manipulated. Some of the operators even told the Cobrapost that they could even remove the inconvenient observations from the Google search about individuals- all for some payment.

Secondly, my generation, yes I also belong to the category I am talking about has seen major political upheavals and events like the emergency at close quarters, not on the net. It would never tolerate a dictator be it Modi or Kejriwal whose party is being called khAAP within a month of assuming power. At the same time this generation has also seen the true face of the RRS supported BJP during the tenure of Morarji Desai and later of V P Singh. Not to forget the infamous demolition of the Babri Masjid or disputed structure as they like to call it.

So if the opposition is blaming the Congress for ruling the country for the majority of the period after independence the boot is on the other foot. One of the major high-points of the Congress campaign once used to be’ Vote unhi ko deejiye jinhe raj chalana aata hai’ which has proved true over the years.

As for the current generation that has been making fun of the UPA,  it is not ignorant of history but also unaware of the traps being laid for them. Tell them about this and the expected retort is “Who is Kejriwal or Narendra Modi. We are voting for change. If they do not perform we will throw them out”.

What can you expect from this generation that swears by one-night stands. They are not loyal to their parents or partners, blood relations are a nuisance to them and they will leave their company for anyone who pays them higher. Correct me if I am wrong.

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