Hunger still continues to end lives in India.Until when would this plight of India exist? Time has come to see India hunger-free.

Poverty has to be eliminated. Whether it be through the government or through charity. If one really cares about the nation, the society; one has to contribute, first of all, to elimination of poverty.

This composition, based on a real life tragedy, gravitates on laying bare the untold misery that being poor means.

(The father pressed clothes at the corner of a large dusty field in the middle of a colony. The mother went around collecting & then delivering the pressed clothes. Their little child – thin and dark, but amazingly sweet –  would play by herself all day. The suddenly she was no more. An incident long back, but the memory is as of yesterday.)

hunger kills One Down And Nothing More

“One down and nothing more,

The father presses clothes as before,

Stupefied mother sits in a corner,

No friend or family congregation,

No funeral procession;

Their child, a tiny spindly thing

Died yesterday evening;

Neighbourhood dogs are out sniffing,

Car doors continue slamming,

Dry leaves lie in dusty hoar,

One down and nothing more;

No time even for sorrow,

Hunger of belly has no tomorrow”

hunger kills humans One Down And Nothing More

By Sanjay Kumar Singh at indiaopines blog

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