This is the Onion Scam – created by the nexus between the politicians and black-marketeers and in this case probably including terrorists from across the borders

Just one month back Onions were selling for Rs 80 to 100 a kg. And Times Of India on 22, Sep 2013, pg 5, carried a News report that said…Traders in Pakistan Gain from Onion crisis in India.

Mixed onions Onions Make The Politicians Rich

If you have read this news report, one month back, you will know, how we all are taken for a ride and fooled  by this either corrupt or in-competent government. The NAFED chairman is even blaming Cyclone Phailin for the current prices !

Today once again Onions are selling for Rs 100 a kg and again this government is talking of importing Onions to control onion prices.  And in India…Who is gaining ?

The 22nd Sep. News Reports from Pakistan quote, Export Association Chief Waheed Ahmed as saying that the Indian onion crisis is a “Goldmine” for Pakistan farmers. Onions fetch Rs 18-25 P. Kg. in the local market but India is PROCURING at a rate of Rs 40-45 per kg.

Another Association chief, Haji Shahjehan admitted that these onions can not be termed as “Good Exportable Quality” Yet, the center is purchasing hundreds of tons at a premium of Rs 20-25 per kg although these “Bland” onions do not find takers and fail to reduce prices as well. What the Pakistani media reported.

Do you know the import order Govt of India had placed ? 3 Lakh tons. Can someone do the math here (Kilograms per ton) * 3 Lakh tons * (Rs 20-25 Profit Per Kilo) – I could put out the final figure , but dont want to scare people.

Another interesting question is that – is this not terrorism funding ? – are we ourselves not funding the same sources of terrorism that trains and sends mercenaries across the border. Not surprising that infiltration has been higher on the border recently – they are now funded ! 

Corruption is the glue that connects our corrupt politicians to the same terrorists that attack us.

Congress spokesperson, gave these details on a Times Now debate. How this government is trying hard (for the poor) to bring onion prices under control by importing 3 lakh tons of onions he claimed.  But failed to answer why onion shortage in the first place?

The real reason for shortage?  Because, Onions are allowed to be EXPORTed by the Indian government.  And the Export licenses are issued only by Center, and not State governments.

When there is a shortage in the local market, why Onions are allowed to be exported?  And when it creates a shortage in the domestic markets, it is then again imported  and government then says, we are importing onions so the poor and middle class doesn’t suffer?  Can anyone make some sense of this argument.

First create a shortage in the local markets, then jack up the price to 100 Rs kg, make huge profits. When there is loud noise made by Indian  media, announce, government is solving the shortage problem by importing Onions. So again, in imports of onions, make huge profits like the Pakistani media reported,  as to how Government of India buys onions from Pakistan traders at much higher price that too for bad quality onions.

Congress Government and its alliance partners like NCP are deeply involved in corrupt deals  and as someone in the Times Now debate today very rightly explained, the profits from this  onion sales is a clever mechanism set to generate Election Funds in millions to support coming elections.

This trick is mastered by the politicians over the last 60 years and perfected it.

In the past,  we still remember ,  Oil, Kerosene, Sugar, Pulses, Rice used to disappear from the markets before the Festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. Traders used to create artificial shortages of these commodities knowing festive demand. And then make huge profits by selling the same in Black Market. This used to be the very common story before every festival.  So this is a very old mastered by the Congress in the last 60 years to generate  election funds from traders –  and in return,  Congress gives full support to business community. Sugar is a same story.  There is powerful Sugar lobby. Oil Lobby. Onions Lobby. Vegetables Lobby. These lobby’s are all led by politically powerful politicians. When there are no elections, it s time to make money for politicians.

So in short, You make money, with our support, We come back to power with your support, and we make money too!

So this onion selling at Rs 100 a kg is not a simple story as it looks. You got to understand how Congress writes the story every time they want to make money while in power. For themselves,  for the party and for politicians.

Now do you understand how Swiss banks and many other foreign banks have this Black money in billions stacked by these same corrupt politicians? You know how they make money on every deal? Every project? Every purchase? Why they go for imports export deals ?

Can you imagine what must be happening in other purchases from foreign suppliers ?

We have heard of Bofors. We know of Augusta Westland Helicopters. Just imagine what must be happening when fleet of Airplanes are purchased for Air India? Indian Airlines? Then of course, we know of Adarsh Scam, 2G, Coalgate, Railgate.

All these scams really are just the tip of the Ice-berg.

All those who think, Congress is still a better choice in 2014, I can only say, with all the humility, without any offense, either they are very naive, innocent,  ignorant,  or in some way profiting from this corrupt government. I can not think of any other reason other than these. Because I do not think, anyone can be that foolish not to understand the game.

Otherwise, no one honestly, in the right frame of mind will think of voting these cheats back in power again. Would a nationalist, proud Indian let anyone loot his or her country? Surely NOT.

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