Abhi the rockstar of Kumkum Bhagya has disappointed the TV audience with his character portrayal. Here’s an open letter to Abhi from a concerned TV Fan.

Dear Mr Abhi,

When Kumkum Bhagya was launched last year with a claim by Ekta Kapoor that this serial is a feel good Rom-Com, it excited us greatly. We thought we will witness yet another decent love story, if not mind-blowing. Our expectations grew when we saw that the male protagonist is not a CEO of a Multinational company but a rockstar, who rules Mumbai as much as the civic bodies and politicians.

abhi pragya kidnap kumkum bhagya A Letter to Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya, From a Concerned Fan

The electrifying entry of the rockstar in the opening episode further added to our excitement. The rough-tough personality, along with the unconditional love for the family impressed us further. Almost all the girls watching this Ekta Kapoor serial fell for this rockstar, none other than you, Abhi.

….And then one day your sister Aalia came into picture…

Things changed and so did our feelings. We couldn’t see a rockstar being a puppet of his sister – Yes, a puppet who could even marry a girl just because his sister demanded this marriage. We were disappointed in you, not because you were being cruel to your newly wedded wife Pragya, but because of your dumbness. I mean, how on earth can a 21st century guy can be such a moron to marry a girl only to take his sister’s revenge? Besides, you were the Rockstar!

alia abhi kumkum bhagya A Letter to Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya, From a Concerned Fan

However to our surprise you turned out to be that surprise package who with his dumbness could even  give tough competition to the writers of Ekta Kapoor serial. Trust me if you and the writer of Jodha Akbar are weighed, you’ll beat him, that too with a huge margin.

Next, Do You Know You are the Most Confusing Protagonist TV has Ever Witnessed?

Half of the time you don’t know what’s happening – neither around you nor inside you. Ok, we understand love is a complex game, and many fail to understand it. However, you have taken ages to even receive the signal.

Abhi sandwiched between pragya tanu kumkum bhagya A Letter to Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya, From a Concerned Fan

You still think you love your selfish girlfriend Tanu who encouraged you to marry the girl you hated the most? Well, you are not only mentally handicap, but also myopic to ignore her self-centred attitude.  You should rather use your senses to see the world around you. By senses I do not mean 6th sense but the basic 5 senses – Open your eyes and see the stupidity of your sister and gf, open your ears to hear their weird plans against you, feel Pragya’s love, and smell all the nonsense that Alia and Tanu try to cook up every now and then. Moreover, please use some common sense also and….

Stop Shaming the Indian Men

Well, I do not mean shaming the Indian men with the context of mardangi, but wrt IQ levels. You think you are very smart, powerful and compassionate but it doesn’t appear in your actions. So, it is my request rather your fans request (Yes, you do have fans, that’s the irony of Indian TV) – stop being a blabber mouth, and start living a life which you showcase.

Kumkum bhagya ABHI PRAGYA A Letter to Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya, From a Concerned Fan

We hope Abhi, the rockstar in the coming episodes will be a Guy who wish to see rather a dumbass which we would want to ignore. Please do not disappoint us!

Your’s lovingly,

A Concerned Fan

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