BJP has played along two years, delivering to the public what they claimed of. But, to maintain BJP’s hold, Amit Shah needs to shepherd his party.

I am one of the many who had voted for Mr Modi and his party to power on the issues of fighting against corruption and development. In the last two years under BJP control, many reforms have been undertaken and we are really happy to note that. Mr Modi’s out of the box thinking is much to be appreciated. However the rise to power of BJP which dislodged the party in power and the entire Opposition have not been taken sportingly and they view Modi’s every actions with contempt, however genuine they may be.


Moreover, one needs to know that success and failure are not permanent in life and the events as it happens can change one’s outlook. As a BJP sympathiser and in particular of Modi’s style of working I give below a few suggestions which would definitely help your party for the remaining 3 years of rule.

1. BJP has been long been branded as a communal party by the political opposition and that they are pro Hindu and not in favor of the Muslims and other communities. They have been radicalized by all opposition to such an extent that till date these people view any act of BJP with suspicion. Any small problem is blown out of proportion to give this party a bad name among the people. I refer to the out of the cuff remarks of some of the leaders in BJP which even though may not be the official standing of the party but nevertheless harm the BJP in all major ways. Persons like Sadhvi Prachi and others have to shut their mouths for long. Mr Amit Shah should take a firm stand and instruct his party members that provocative utterances are not to be made in public and especially to the partisan media who repeat broadcast of these in prime time. Make it very clear that other radical institutions like VHP, Bajrang Dal have nothing to do with BJP.


2. Please hand over a list of dos and donts to each member of your party which should also be of importance to the Indian Society as a whole and not appealing to any particular community.

3. In issues of National Importance like Defence, Security the coordination of all parties are needed. You cannot be of the view that with majority you can bulldoze the Opposition. Even a small termite can make holes in a tree and in course of time destroy it wholly. I feel with the coordination of all members your party can achieve a lot of more of BJP programs than with confrontations.

4. I have observed, as a general practice, as the state elections are around the corner, there are created troubles which could involve decisions or turn opinions against one another. In the present scenario of cyber crimes, even some of the factors are doctored and the BJP should take care to expose such elements and avoid any controversial opinions on the matter. Today there are issues of Dalit tortures, name-calling by some members, desecration of Ambedkar heritage sites. These need to be handled carefully so as not to create division among the people.

5. The party spokesmen in particular should be given sufficient guidance on the subjects they could elaborate on and the items they should avoid in public. Only designated persons should be allowed to speak on subjects. If anyone stirs controversy, he or she should be penalized as this would create a sense of unity in the party.

6. Your own old guard of BJP members can create conflicting news on the party issues and these need to be tackled diplomatically. Any conflicting messages could be blown out of proportion by the Opposition. I would even suggest that PM Modi should speak occasionally on air and on media on any issues which seem to be out of control. This way it would create a sense of confidence among the people and avoid unnecessary remarks by the opposing parties.


If your party can create a situation of oneness among the people, it can see many more years of rule. However if this is not strictly followed we may even see BJP Mukth India in course of time


By Narayan Krishna

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