Sensationalizing & Bullying – Is that the way to reassure yourself that you (Arnab Goswami) are still the ‘God’ for the English news hungry public?

I am writing a letter to you Arnab Goswami since this is the only way where I can express myself uninterrupted without getting bullied by you. I must tell you that I have closely observed you Arnab.

Arnab Goswami rare pics An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami : Presstitute Is Your Baby

When two years back on NewsHour you started focusing on scams most of the prime time English news hungry public, including me, hailed you as one daring journo, and truly you were. As the UPA 2 regime piled up on scams one after the other you continued your aggression & noise on your shows. Come May 2014 we all know what became of the UPA. But very few know what became of you Arnab. As I said, I have closely observed you, so today I will tell you Arnab what had happened to you in May 2014.

The results of Lok Sabha election 2014 got into your head. Somebody made you believe, very strongly, that the UPA fall was because of the new ‘trendsetter’ in the town: Lord Arnab Goswami of the English prime time News Hour. You started believing that your baby, the News Hour, will now on decide the top agendas of this country.

You started taking it as a personal achievement when it was not you but others out there on streets fighting it out with the corrupt regime. You Arnab, you made it personal. A journalist reports on the events in the country. But Arnab, you started reporting with an aim to set agendas. You shifted your focus less on journalism and more on influencing by sensationalism. From then you started disappointing me Arnab.

Arnab, being focused on what you think is right is a good virtue. But when keeping focus in a particular direction is with an intention to only do something different, however wrong it may be, it becomes a boon. Trending #ShameOnTimesNow was one such moment that should have made you realize that your daily hour of ‘daring journalism’, as you claim, had degraded to an arrogant irrational noisy hour. You had successfully brought street vandalism against out cricket team to a prime time news show. Congratulations. But that fine day you lost me Arnab.

Being shamed by Tweeples, nevertheless, you chose to satisfy your appetite for sensationalism by going after a retired General of the Indian Army. Don’t tell me Arnab that you, the chief of the kangaroo court called ‘News Hour’ who investigates and gets secret documents on his debates, wasn’t able to catch the sarcastic tone in General Singh’s statement? I mean, seriously, do you want me to believe that? You chose not hear the tone because you had made it personal with the General after he had strongly rebutted the media on his Pak Embassy visit reporting. You were waiting for something to catch hold of the General again and you twisted his words to take your revenge. Always, remember its you who made it personal Arnab.

General VK Singh had joined the Army in 1970 and you were born in 1973 Arnab. You see the point? You don’t mess with such an experienced Army man without facts. And that’s where you got a whacking insult. Thanks to you Media stands exposed identified with a new terminology of “presstitutes”. You had never expected such a daring reply from the General but it’s not only you who can bully others. Isn’t it?

Today your condition is like that of Hitler on the day of ’20 July Plot’, when after escaping death & getting seriously injured in a bomb blast in his headquarters he shouted “I am God, nobody can kill me”. This was his way of reassuring himself of his greatness which we all know was utterly false.

Arnab, I don’t see the News Hour now but I assume you sensationalise, interrupt & bully as usual daily on your show. May be that’s your way to reassure yourself that you are still the ‘God’ for the English news hungry public. Retrospect before you push yourself to total irrelevance.

My Best Wishes

By: Prateek Tandon

The post was first published on the author’s blog

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