My honest advice to you, Kanhaiya Kumar, is to keep silent for few days and yes, please don’t worry about system. It will take care of itself.

An Open Letter to Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar , President JNU, Accused of sedition Charges.

Dear Kanhaiya,

Welcome Back out of Tihar!. Just to remind you that You have been granted interim bail for Six months as per our constitution that you have Right to live or Right to Freedom.

Kanhaiya Kumar azadi speech From The Blogs   An Open Letter To Mr.Kanhaiya
First and Primarily, I do not buy your idea of Azadi (Freedom) even though you have been named as best Orator or Your Ph.d skills have made you to say a line in many ways.. You want Freedom in India…..Not from India….Azadi from System….so ….so etc. It may be sweet for many but for me it is just a dramatic version of yours to cover up, sway away from the real things happened in JNU, the other day.

I recall the Discourse from Osho, ” A Leader is nothing but a clever man. He closely watches where the crowd is heading towards. He simply rushes and starts moving ahead of crowd”.

Maybe you are getting what I mean.
Maybe your hidden desire is getting revealed. I throw some light more for your clarity.

Another Discourse by Osho , “The basic desire to be a leader arises in people who are suffering from an inferiority complex. It does not matter whether they move into the political world or into the religious world; the will-to-power is an absolute indication that the man feels himself inferior to others and he wants to prove to the world that it is not so.

It is not only a question of proving to the world; through the world he wants to prove it to himself too, that he is not inferior to anybody. The only way mind can manage it is to make everybody inferior to you”
I think we are catching up now.

Kanhaiya Kumar jnu From The Blogs   An Open Letter To Mr.Kanhaiya
Can we discuss you latest excerpts from the so called heroic and electrifying speeches:-

1. You said ,” We have unstinting faith in the constitution of this country, the laws of this country and the judicial process of this country” But I am pretty sure that you didn’t read the 23 page Bail Order by Ld. Justice Pratibha Rani, as you were in hurry to give your pent- up electrifying Speech outside the JNU administration Hall. Nevertheless to mention, you arrived in Fortuner Toyota not to miss your dashing comeback.

2. You talked about false promises being delivered by Political Parties. Kanhiya, you said , We will win this fight ( I think this is not a promise or you can say this is a real promise)

3. Your motto, Freedom from this, freedom from that etc. etc. I will not buy your freedom motto because I think I will curse Our Country’s freedom fighters if I even compare a speck of you with them.

4. The videos may be doctored but what’s happening in JNU is under your nose Brother. Take the responsibility…you are weak shouldered. You boast of bringing change but do not want to take responsibility…very ,very contrary. If something is happening in my jurisdiction, by default I am accountable. You can easily be a complainant against who did this ..who shouted slogans…who doctored videos….who defamed JNU…..but that all requires a responsibility towards your university…towards your Nation. President-ship is not an easy task…isn’t it?

kanhaiya kumars interview From The Blogs   An Open Letter To Mr.Kanhaiya

5. Counting Condoms or Booze Bottles:- If it is not the truth or something wrongly has been said to malign JNU or your petty ego…why don’t you go for defamation suit against the BJP MLA. I know you have faith in Indian Judiciary. I will term your inaction as your probable acceptance.

6. Some may be feeling your comeback as a Olympic Gold medalist for India but this is just a bail with a note and advise from Learned Justice. Go through it . It has many things to learn.

Lastly, I think you have studied extensively during your research and lost some sleep and there is probably some imbalances with your thoughts. Brother, You definitely need a break to recuperate your senses and to find your inner self . My honest advice is to keep silent for few days (Our India has so many beautiful and lonely places where you can find your inner peace)….and yes, please don’t worry about system. It will take care of itself.
A final piece of advice: – If you wish for it….Work for it. (Within the Law of the Land …of Course).

By Gagnish Khurana at indiaopines blogs

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