In my open letter to Media, I wish to point out the disgrace our corrupt politicians have bought to the institutions of democracy in India

A week or so and on 28th March 2011 to be exact and before Anna Hazare started his spirited campaign on the Lokpal issue,I had written a long letter to three of our country’s biggest head honchos of the media on the subject ‘Save India It is still not too late’

The letters were sent not through the government postal service but through a reliable courier service based in Mumbai. But sad to say that none of them even cared to acknowledge or reply. And now that Kejriwal  and the AAP who had the guts to take on the high the mighty have shown that it can be done, I will be grateful if this letter could be published by you with a suitable write up. Copy of the letter is attached

With warm regards ,
Brigadier Samir Bhattacharya


Mr Vineet Jain – MD Times Group
Mr Aroon Purie – Editor-in-Chief India Today
Mr Prannoy Roy – Chairman NDTV

Subject – Save India-It is Still Not Too Late.

Dear Sir,

As a Senior Citizen and as a senior retired Brigadier of the Indian Army this is a humble request to all of you like minded, sincere, honest and highly educated patriotic Indians from the Media World to stem the rot that the politicians of this country today , irrespective of their party affiliations and whether they are ruling or are in the opposition, all of them it seems are all hell bent in ruining this as yet democratic and secular country of ours.

They are not only a disgrace to the good name of India, but also to millions of our poor “Aam Aadmi ‘ who have been voting for them time and again. And as a result of which it is they the poor ‘Aam Aadmi, who are constantly being exploited by these so called ‘Netas” through their selfish caste based national and regional politics. The blatant manner in which these ‘Netas flagrantly, openly and without any sense of shame or accountability have been lying in parliament and in the various vidhan sabhas by willfully twisting facts and figures just to remain in the chair only proves that most of them no longer deserve to sit in judgment and legislate over us. Not only have they been disgracing themselves in the Indian Parliament and in the many Vidhan Sabhas of this country by their demeaning and shameful conduct , but they have also become a law to themselves when it comes to buying votes , promoting corruption and buttering both sides of their own bread by constantly hiking their own pay and perks.

The word ‘To sacrifice’ for the sake of the country is simply not there in their dictionary. History shows that most of them have been and unfortunately still are from the same stock that took up politics as a profession in the past few decades. They are here today not to serve the people of India, but to serve themselves and to promote their own kith and kin through dynastic rule to remain in power. Basically they are all damn turn coats who are only waiting to switch sides and join those who are willing to pay them those many extra crores that you and I as honest tax payers have been coughing up year after year. It this therefore high time and imperative for all of us law abiding and honest citizens of this country to stem this stinking rot of corrupt leaders and get rid of all these selfish shameless politicians who have so brazenly and willfully been polluting and discrediting the name of this country, its people and its holy constitution. It is time that they were shown the door and booted out from the corridors of power at the earliest. These so called leaders of ours today and their families I am afraid if they are allowed to continue will one day even be willing to sell the nation for their own personal and family gains. And I am afraid some of them have already done so by stacking their billions in safe tax havens abroad.

Ever since Mrs Indira Gandhi and her bunch of cronies broke up the GOP, the Indian National Congress party which was once a well respected political institution, they also at the same time broke the heart of the nation by opening the doors of corruption and depravity to their regional satraps and cronies.

By declaring emergency and by institutionalizing corruption at all government levels, they not only kept regularly looting the nation at will, but they also through their clever manipulations and intrigues also kept the bureaucracy, the police, the judiciary and the babus under their thumbs and dictates. And as a result of all this, it is the poor “Aam Aadmi ‘, including us the helpless Indian middle class who are always at the receiving end of this so called dishonest political roulette.

I therefore very strongly feel and I am sure there are millions of others like me in this country who also genuinely feel that the time has come to bring in a radical but healthy change to the existing badly polluted political system and scenario that we are faced with today. It is therefore now a question of completely getting rid of all these political bad hats and their dynasties and to bring in fresh new faces of young dynamic leaders to lead this nation. Therefore what is required is to promote a new vibrant brand of dedicated, dynamic, well educated and honest young people to come to the forefront and take up this otherwise dirty profession and who would as our future political leaders and as good public soldiers be willing to lead from the front with personal examples of impeccable integrity, honesty and with a high sense of duty toward the people .

The average Indian by and large is very talented, very capable, and very resourceful and innovative too, but they need to be encouraged, channelized and guided to take on this challenge and to bring in a much required probity, dignity and pride in this public service to the nation.. Because if we don’t act now then with 2O14 general elections not being very far away, we will only be giving these scam tainted political goons and leaders and their families and ‘Chamchas’ another golden opportunity to milk all of us dry as they have been doing hitherto fore. And this can only be done if we all join hands and bring in a new breed of truly dedicated, young, hardworking, well qualified patriotic Indians as our future political leaders.

Today the media thanks to satellite television, newspapers, periodicals and the increasing literacy rate in this country has become a very powerful and potent force and if it is projected properly, impartially and with conviction it could move mountains and bring in the much needed political change that is so badly needed in this country today. The appeal by me and by many others like me to all of you who undoubtedly are today’s dynamic media magnates, barons and leaders and who are fearless and who have always been calling a spade a spade is for all of you to join hands and to show us the way .

Though the year 2010 can be aptly called by all of us as the ‘Year of the Scam,’ but one thing is for certain and that is these so called political ‘Netas’ who are suppose to be our leader s, they are also today’s India’s biggest crooks, mafia head honchos and prime manipulators when it comes to the question of their own political survival. And mark my words no amount of commissions of enquiries by the government in power will indict and punish those who we all know are responsible for this dirty mess. Even if it is a JPC or a PAC, it will always be a whitewash of all the black deeds that we all know have been committed by those in power and authority, and at the most they will all get away scot free by simply resigning their seats and will come back to fight again another day as they have been doing so in the past. With their political clout, their ill gotten wealth and bags full of black money power and with paid goons to support them, not only will they all go unpunished, but they will once again come back in the next general elections as power brokers and ‘Netas’ to further loot the nation. Therefore time is running out and we need to foster a peaceful revolution through the mighty power of the media and bring home to our people in every village, and in every town and in every mohalla and city that enough is enough.

Coalition governments of two or three parties are not bad provided they work in all sincerity as a devoted and dedicated team for the betterment of the country, but to have a dozen or more as partners has only resulted in all of them becoming power seekers, power brokers, treasury looters and spoilers, as it has been happening during these last couple of decades. This is nothing but plain opportunism by them to further their dynastic claims and to further Balkanize this country. Today thanks to caste, religion and coalition based dirty politics, the country is constantly being subjected to fragmentation by vested interests. The creation of Uttarkhand , Jharkhand are living examples and with the demand for Vidharbha and Telengana already on the horizon, the mushrooming of such like political satraps with dynastic claims will only be on the rise and which will further divide the nation.

The need of the hour is therefore to give a clarion call through the powerful media that all of you control to the younger generation of today’s highly educated Indians who are undoubtedly more patriotic, more honest, more dynamic and above all more capable than the likes of what we have been seeing in these past few decades, both in the Indian parliament and in the various legislative assemblies in all our states. A large number of our so called ‘Netas’; today besides being history sheeters, land grabbers, money launderers and murderers, they are also multi- millionaires and billionaires and who at the time of elections with their ill gotten black money can always buy the voters off with their so called sops and carrot policies.

The dire requirement of the day and with you as our true leaders and guiding factors is therefore to float a new political party at the national level. And it should be a party that should be absolutely fearless and open minded and whose national goal would simply be to honestly and truly help the Aam Aadmi to earn a decent and respected living as an honourable and equal citizen of this country.

There is no doubt that the country in the last six decades has made fairly good progress in all disciplines, but it could have achieved a helleva lot more if our politicians had worked for the betterment of the nation and not for themselves , their families, their ‘chamchas ‘and for the political party to which they belong. Today besides “Chamcha Raj,; “Dynasty Raj.’ ‘I scratch your back and you scratch my back Raj,’ and “Black Money Raj’ we have nothing else to look forward to. And if we do not act now then tomorrow and the day after , and the day -day after it will still be all the same and it will be we the voters who will be to blame.

Today I am 72 plus and I have no interest whatsoever in projecting myself as a political savior and a leader, but if this rut in Indian politics is allowed to continue then I will only feel sorry not only for my children and my grandchildren , but also for the millions of poor Indians who are constantly in the name of so called progress and ‘Garibhi Hatao’ etc are shamelessly being taken for a ride by our so called corrupt ‘netas’.

And my gut feeling is that this rut can be stopped, and it will be stopped , provided we reach out wholeheartedly to the people of India through the powerful media that you and such like minded patriotic Indians today control.

Today it is time to act and it is high time we did. The people of India have to be woken up from this ‘Chalta Hai Arre Chalne Do ‘attitude. And the time has come to bring in this much needed change in the system by making the Netas fully accountable and punish them severely for their wrong doings They must be made answerable to the people of India who have voted them to power and also to those who have been voted by them to represent them in the Indian parliament and in the many state legislatures. They should not be allowed to simply get away by simply resigning their seats or else we too might go the Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian and the Syrian way. India may be a tolerant nation but there is a limit to toleration also.

Ek ‘Batcha’ toh gaya – lekin who kaisa gaya aur kyon gaya ye Hindustan ke butcha butcha jaanta hai – Aur aab aayee bari Hasan Ali ki- aur who bhi shaed upar jake butch jayega- aur use kaun upar bhaje ga – ye bhi butcha butcha jaanta hai.’ It is not the Batchas and the Hasan Ali’s who are to be blamed for the rut we are in , but their Godfathers and Godmothers who are ruling this country today.

Jago India Jago

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