An open letter to Narendra Modi, on behalf of the aam janta, congratulating him on his victory in the recent state elections, while at the same time asking him to not take the AAP or any other party which might have been in power for 9 years lightly.

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

First of all I wish to congratulate you for the election result which came out this Sunday, which makes your holiday the most memorable one after you have been appointed as the Prime ministerial candidate of the NDA. It is pretty clear that there is a strong anti-incumbency wave flowing against the Congress and there is a complete chance that this will lead to a debacle of the oldest party. However, as we have seen in the past, nothing is certain before the final verdict. Now people have voted in favor of you, hopefully you are feeling relieved and confident that your strong communications skill and historical knowledge gave the results as per your expectations. It also gives you more time to study the historical misgivings on account of the work done by the Congress in the last 9 years.

modi elections victory An Open Letter to Narendra Modi: Badhaayian!

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi arrives at BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Dec. 8, 2013. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

Although you have got a complete majority in three of the four states of North India, you have failed to get a complete sweep and hence fell short of merely 4 seats in Delhi due to new kid on the block, AAP party which is somehow able to capture the moment of the day. The AAP party which won on the basis of deliverance of clean and transparent government makes an unexpected headway bellying all the exit polls results.

BJP workers are celebrating this election victory as a victory of you (Mr. Narendra Modi) but then it is also a victory of the local leadership- the good work done at the lowest level, particularly at the village and district level, which won the hearts of voters and was able to beg their support. No one can deny that your charisma has worked. On the other hand, there is also enough evidence that the amount of crowd you gathered in Delhi did not finally get converted into votes. This contradiction clearly amounts to the fact that people are now fed up of traditional politics and are searching for other options. Given the work done by the volunteers of the AAP and transparency shown by them while collecting the funds and then putting his or her name on the website definitely agreed with the  common man’s sensibilities which put his faith into them and gave their valuable vote for this first timer party (AAP).

Aam Admi Party post victory An Open Letter to Narendra Modi: Badhaayian!

Supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party celebrate after winning 28 out 70 seats in the Delhi State elections.

I know not much time is left for the assembly election. After making an almost clean sweep, your party is confident to get 272+ seats. But as you know there is a big difference between national and state level elections. You might remember that in 2003, BJP won the state election but lost the national elections during 2004. Hence I want to suggest that you, like in Gujarat, direct all the party members including the Chief Ministers to keep on doing good work for the welfare of people. Simply making announcements does not bring results as seen in case of UPA. Their schemes like Food Security Bill failed on all accounts. People want to see results on the ground. Inspite of your good show, you cannot take the AAP party or any other state party lightly. People showed faith in them hence you can take a leaf out of their book and try to attract the youth of this nation which will play a great role during next elections.

And above all, stop making personal allegations and take along with you all sections of the society. I am pretty confident that if you take some strong action to dissuade the people from believing the allegations made on you in the past, you might just become the most powerful man of India (Prime Minister).

Again congratulations to you and your party workers and best of luck for the Lok Sabha elections.

Thanks & regards

AAM Aadmi

(Die hard supporter of Indian Democracy)

By Hitesh Pundir

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Image Source: Aam Aadmi Party@Facebook

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