If the BJP does not realize its follies,the 2019 elections can become the source of embarrassment for the govt who simply cannot depend on the aura of Modi.

I would like to point out just two lacunae in the governance of the present govt policy, one on beef ban and the other on India’s security.


I support the out of box thinking of our PM and but that does not mean that there are certain issues in his party’s approach to some questionable policies. Take the case of beef ban in the country as a blanket proposal. This is one of the most   idiotic move by the govt in enforcement. At the outset I must say I am   pure vegetarian and do not even take eggs for meals.

Beef eating has been practised in India   mainly by the poor section of the people and certain communities because of its nutritive content at a low price.  Unfortunately, BJP is trying to make people to gulp down their thoughts and ideas   on common men. Beef is one of the main constituent of meals in Goa, NE states, Kerala and Bengal. By banning the consumption and indirectly helping the opportunists to create havoc and law and order problems on the poor cattle owners and loaders is far-fetched one and needs to have control . Beef consumption also indirectly controls the price of other meats like mutton, chicken, pork and so on. The byproducts of the animal remains are a source of inputs to other business profession like handicrafts, bone-meal for agriculture and the ban has created huge loss to the  industry. Moreover India is one of the largest exporter of beef to many countries and religion is not coming in the ways of the govt.


By banning beef from plates of people, the prices of other meat products have sky rocketed. The analogy can be to base price of rice. Assume the price of rice has increased to say Rs 100 per kg, The other products like wheat, lentils vegetable etc will also rise up to unmanageable levels.

There is an undercurrent against the beef policy from many states which is gaining momentum and people are within their rights to protests. Bengal, Kerala TN and NE states are slowly  among people. In Puranas beef eating or even horse meat  was practised even among upper castes of   Hindus for centuries and suddenly the govt finds this an issue. Forget party manifesto. I  would suggest the govt slowly modify the order to include hygienic processing to be adopted for slaying animals which could be beneficial  to the common eaters. Please don’t go after prestige before it becomes unmanageable with uncontrollable protests all over the country.

A few correction here and there would greatly subside the feeling of the people who use these as part of their meals. Otherwise you cannot expect the same support to your policy by just charisma  of Modi which can be temporary. Please think of this matter and advise your people to change habits slowly and not at a swift. Father of Nation Gandhiji struggled for years to get support of his policies like ahimsa, nonviolence etc.


It is highly surprising that the govt thinks of digitization, cashless economy and computerization on one hand and goes back to old age beliefs like beef ban etc on the other hand

The other point is the involvement of like  minded politicians of all parties on items of National security. One cant always rely on  brute force or majority. We have seen this in past and downfall of great leaders. The govt has other several progressive  pending issues and it would be better they concentrate on these than  on difference  over the safety of India.  If the govt takes into confidence  the Opposition also in these matters our internal and external enemies would have to think twice before attacks on our security. Please  don’t be fool hardy and stick to false egos. Today this is a big issue and the Opposition always embarrasses govt on every  moves. Nobody including the politicians who raise matter  want our great country to be attacked by enemy even though they may not say so in words.

border army pathankot  AN OPEN LETTER TO PM MODI JI

These  thoughts are from an honest law abiding  citizen who has interest of India. God save the country from evil minds. The stand by BJP in these main issues can be tackled slowly instead of just bull dozing with unpopular policies. If the BJP does not realize its follies, the 2019 elections could be a hotly contested one and  can become the source of embarrassment for the govt who simply cannot depend on the aura of Mr Modi. Jai Hind!

By Narayan Krishna

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