INC will remain an All-India party in name only

Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi,
You seem to  have  not understood your own strength & weaknesses .The downfall of Congress is that right from Indira Gandhi’s days , Congress has failed to develop as a team  – it has only developed bigoted and arrogant individuals .

Indira Gandhi systematically killed (internal) regional leadership, to pre-empt any threat to her leadership, and aligned with external regional leaders .The creation of external leaders like Pawar & Mamta Congress are purely the making of this sort of leadership .

The current Congress had but to align with other regional parties like DMK ,AIDMK etc and became slaves to these regional leaders at the cost of the local Congress representatives. 

I  did sent a personal   letter  to you   about your  ancestors’ disservice to Congress and advised you to work  to bring  back  a  re-united Congress and to fight future elections in all the  530  seats without any coalition.

I predicted that if you are  not serious about completely changing the Congress thought process,you  would be the last President of INC and Congress will be by name only as  an All India Party just like  the Communist Parties in India who continue to call themselves as All–India parties . This long term disease cannot be wiped out easily though – Your party, the Congress , will gradually die due to this Cancer.

Further, your (the Rajiv Gandhi) family still controls Congress ONLY for the sake of the family security  and not  to protect or develop the Congress as a political party – This cannot continue.



Er .Ramalingam K S

( Lr dt 02-01-2014)


NB : Please note that INC has got now  just a  few MPs more than AIADMK or  AITC in the new Lok Sabha – What I predicted on 2nd January 2014 has already  happened .And the pity is that there is no  Indira Gandhi  or V P Singh in the present INC to bring out a split – there will be no accountability.

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