AAP’s proposal on reservation of the seats in Delhi University for students from Delhi hasn’t gone down well with most sections of the society. Here is an open letter expressing disappointment with the idea.

Dear Mr. Manish Sisodia,

I must congratulate you for being elected as the Education Minister of delhi in-spite of  you not belonging to Delhi. Just like you, Delhi comprises of different kinds of migrants who have adopted Delhi as their home. Some of them have even made it  birth place. Let me come to the question directly which arose in my mind when you announced the reservation policy recently, according to which most of the seats will be reserved for the students who will pass out from Delhi. Being a journalist you must know how badly reservation affects the quality of education in our country.
university of delhi An Open Letter: Reservation for Students of Delhi
DU is one of the most prominent universities of India for which every year thousands of students from all parts of India apply to get a seat and become a part of it in order to improve the prospects of their career. Now if you reserved the seats only for Delhi students it will definitely affect the students who are trying hard to get admission in DU. Being a prospective national party it must be your responsibility to consider of all the students belonging to the nation.
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It also affects the standards of Delhi University. One more thing that i want to say to justify my point is that Delhi is the capital of India. It must work as a role model for the whole of India. Also the electricity which Delhi is consuming is generated from Haryana through the coal mined from Jharkhand. Hence everyone has a stake in making Delhi prosperous. Don’t you think that the children belonging to that part also deserve an education in DU. Hope you think over this matter seriously and do not take decision in a haphazard manner.

Yours faithfully,
AAM Aadmi

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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