I think that Star Plus must think about such things which are affecting society and Indian judiciary and legal system!

Since last few episodes of popular TV serial Ye hai Mohabbaten has lost the touch of reality and running odd things. This is started with Sohail’s revenge element. This  was treated in a very illogical way in the consideration of his relation with Nidhi as her brother as well as he manipulated Ruhi from Australia with prior planning of Video clip and helping her and her family in different events, which required very great influence as well as lots of money to handle all such things. The first  question rises that how and when all such powers Sohail has gained and from which way?

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It is also very ridiculous that he can meet Nidhi in Jail as Sardarji, seat with her and planned everything there!! How such kind of things could be possible in such meetings because of the crime Nidhi has performed was not so simple. Mostly such prisoners are not allowed to meet so easily and police and jail authority could not allow such things so easily.

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Even which way the case was scripted and run has no sound legal background and arguments! How could a 17 years old minor Ruhi confessed and lead the judge to accept her sayings? Which way Ruhi presented things against the eye witness Pihu, was not in the court room way. While her father and mother were saying and shouting about her wrong sayings, how can a respected judge ignore the mature person like mother father of Ruhi and consider a minor one? Even it is not possible that the judge could consider a phone talk with psychiatrist as evidence.

All things related with such events are very bad portrayal of Indian Judiciary and Police Department and such could not be telecasted! Other questions are also one can ask that how could Sohail threatened Ruhi with letter hand over to her! Who gave him paper and pen? And how jail Authority allowed minor Ruhi to talk with so dangerous prisoner without any mature person and protection?

Advocate Nidhi Chhabra My Opinion about TV serial Ye Hai Mohabbaten

Now in recent episodes once again illogical things are happening: Once again Nidhi is manipulating Mani by threatening him. How she and Sohail can create a false company after committing crime and imprisonment! Even a normal viewer could not accept such a thing, which is once again creating doubts about Indian legal procedure and alert watching police system. All the way the script writer is playing with present legal and realistic things with wrong aspect and leading viewers to believe that our system has many loop holes and nothing is security based and care for society!

I think that  star plus must think about such things which are affecting society and Indian judiciary and legal system!

By Barin Mehta  

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