Linguistic differences create the barriers only to be merged by genetic and religious oneness and unity. With such a note, is not it obvious that Indians should welcome the arrival of  Rajapakse?

Most Tamil politicos are opposing NaMo’s invitation to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for the Swearing ceremony on Monday.26.May. The obvious reason being the Tamils in Jaffna and other northern parts of Sri Lanka. Before commenting on the subject, here are some facts.

download2 Why oppose Rajapakse’s coming to Delhi?

Rajapakse: The Srilankan String to Indian Politics and Culture

History as a Reason

From British times, Sri Lanka + Burma + India were a single Colony with a common single Gora (White) Governor General / Viceroy. Burma & Sri Lanka were separated from India and became separate colonies (directly & separately under London) from 1937 onwards.  Sri Lanka has a land area of 25000 square MiLEs, which is five times the size of Pune district and 0ne-fifth of Maharashtra, or half the area of 36gadh state. It has much rainfall and land productivity is high.


 There is hardly any genetic division between us. The Indigenous Sri Lankan people are nothing but Indians from all over India (majorly Bihari?) who settled in the Sri Lanka island from Emperor Ashoka’s time @ 250 BCE onwards (2264 years ago).

It Dates Back to Ramayana

Even Ravana, Sri Lankan King at the time of Sri Ram married Mandodri who was from Mandsaur in current Madhya Pradesh. Anthropological research so far has not revealed the presence of any aboriginal humans in Sri Lanka. The aborigines from Andaman & Nicobar never reached the Sri Lankan island. Sri Lanka never had any native humans.  All who ever lived there and live today, are genetically the descendants of immigrants from the mainland—Tamils included. So GENETiCALLY, the NATiVE Sri LANKANs ARE THE SAME AS US! Genetically they are as Indian as you and me!

4040 ravana ten headed king Why oppose Rajapakse’s coming to Delhi?

Ravana: Emblem of Srilanka’s Cultural, Mythical and Historical Connection to India



If the majority of native Sri Lankans are Buddhists, where is the problem? Lord Buddha was born a Hindu, Lived as a Hindu and died as Hindu. Did Buddha renounce Hinduism? No! Never! Classical Hiduism even regards Buddha as the NiNTH AVATAR of ViSHNU. I last month visited the ANGKOR VAT Hindu temple at Siem Reap in Cambodia. Built more than a thousand years ago, it is the largest Hindu Temple in the world and also the largest religious structure of any Religion anywhere in the world. It has Vishnu, Shankar and Buddha in the same temple! If the Cambodians [who are Buddhist/Hindu] have no problem for a thousand years with worshiping Vishnu & Buddha in the same temple, why should we? I see no conflict. Therefore RELiGiON-WiSE, WE ARE THE SAME.  Quantified Difference is ZERO!

Narendra Modi Victory Why oppose Rajapakse’s coming to Delhi?

Playing the No Division Game? Kudos to Modi!
Picture Courtesy: IANS

The Division is Based on Linguistic Terms

The divide is purely, singly, solely, and only: LiNGUiSTiC! There are absolutely no other differences. Genetically, each and every inhabitant is a GENETiC DESCENDANT of someone from the mainland=Hindustan. Some came 2000 years ago, some came 200 years ago. What’s the problem? If Tamilians can live happily, side by side with the people of 24 different states speaking 24 different languages and writing in 24 different scripts which cannot be understood by each other, then how much difference one more language/script makes? The quantified difference is 1/24 which is just about 4%. Is 4% more important than the remaining 96%? WHAT is this 96%? The 96% is Trade, Economy, Development. What else do we want? NaMo will make friends with Rajapakse and together we will progress!

By Dilip Bam

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Picture Courtesy: Chinadaily

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