The role of Government and Opposition should be just like a husband-wife relation, where they can criticize each other but when it comes for the benefit of the house, they should get along.

There is no doubt about that India is the largest democracy in the world. After every five years or so, people of India who have attained the age to become voter assemble at poll booth and cast their vote as per their wish. There are more than thousand parties registered with the election commission who can fight elections through their choice of candidates for Lok Sabha. In spite of so many parties only few make to the category of national parties while other few remain in the list of regional parties.

rajya sabha opposition Opposition Must Play A Constructive Role For Good Governance

The charisma of some regional parties at state level is same as that of a national party at the national level. In the past, sometimes situations were such that it was impossible to form govt. at the centre without their support.  Competition between different parties is healthy for democracy. Different parties represent aspirations of wide varieties of people belonging to various caste, creed, religion, economic status.  No single party can fulfill the needs of different kinds of people.  Considering such thinking in mind, the ‘constitution making body’ adopted a multiparty system of Indian polity.

The world strongest democracy US has dual party system represented by Democrats and Republic. On the contrary, any person who is good enough to fight elections can form a party, and even choose a party symbol after going through due process.  After independence and till upto 1970s’ there was mainly one party govt. Time changed and so is the thinking of the voters and their mindset.

Collation govt. came into picture which was mainly minority govt. duly supported by its allies. Those who support the govt. so as to make it as majority do not offer it freely. There is much give and take policy. Some demand berth in the cabinet while others wants favors in form of economic package for their states. It all depends upon the nos. of MPs’ which are required by the largest party of the coalition and how many nos. offered by the allies.

indian parliament Opposition Must Play A Constructive Role For Good Governance

The role of opposition in a democracy is as important as the govt. while govt. make policies for the welfare of the public at large the opposition after due deliberation criticize the polices and suggest changes based on their effectiveness.  The opposition should be as strong as the government, the role of both should be just like as wife husband relation where they can criticize each other but when it comes for the benefit of the house they always get along.

Nowadays we are noticing frequent adjournment of the house. Sometime opposition blames the govt. for non-involvement of them in the policing making while other times govt. put allegation over opposition for creating hindrance in making new laws. It does not matter much for the public which needs results. Every day wasted is equivalent to crores of rupees goes down the drain. The general public is fed up with such kind of drama

. Each party whether in opposition or in govt. must realize its role which is to provide benefit to the society. At the end of the day the results matter more than the noise made out on nothing.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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