Entire opposition is speculating over grand alliance to tackle BJP’s onward march. Will it do something wonderful in 2019?

Kanpur: Entire opposition is speculating over grand alliance to tackle BJP’s onward march. Baba, Babua, Bahenji, Bihari Babu, Didi, secularists, communists, and others are supposed to be joining hands collectively. But Netaji is still bending over Ekla Chalo Re. His confidence seemed intact despite the party’s debacle at the hands of the new president. 

Politics is certainly not a soft cake; it is full of thorns. It is wishful thinking on the part of opposition leaders, as several say adding that they would hoist grand alliance to defeat the BJP in future. If the politicians’ dignity is a worldly dignity, we shall be excited to disagree with their earthly embarrassment. If it is a blissful dignity we can admit the earthly degradation with all the frankness. 


If we are optimistic of the grand alliance to tackle the onward march of the saffron party, we can be down-to-earth individuals behind our sound democratic values. But that can be described as too promising and sentimental view of the political benevolence. There are contradictions in the course of action for such kind of political alliance. Netaji feels no necessity for coming under one umbrella while Babua raises the point for the collective approach. 

Even Bahenji is not feeling ashamed of coming under one grand alliance for the political purposes. The voice has been raised by her with much temerity. Now Didi also undergoes with the same soreness. Nitish Babu is not too far this pleasing cry. Kashmiri Omar feels no compunction in coming under the patronage of Baba (Rahul) for this rationale.


What is required least is a compromise between smug optimists and scientific optimists. We are aware of Baba and Babua are jointly playing politics. So there is no point in giving up a steady move for a coalition. The BJP is moving onwards for expanding its base in those states where the lotus network has not made positive access. Modi’s road shows are doing surprises. 


What the party learnt in Varanasi was convincingly repeated with ten km long, 150 minutes road show in Surat which in a scribe’s words looks like Uttar Pradesh. The craze of women was such as 90 lady bikers escorted the Prime Minister. Just a glimpse of the personality cult appeared on the roads of the rich city of Gujarat.

Unless disgruntled opposition unites on logical grounds the aim will be difficult for them. Points that come before and create division among various parties’ leaders constantly have the tendency of walking in a twisted sourness and cold confidence. All of them will agree upon opposing Modi factor but will this be the only issue for their unity? Who will be chosen as leader of the grand alliance or their unison will be as fragile as was seen in the last physically and politically weak Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar? Whether the non-BJP alliance will include regional parties?


Definitely, SP-BSP-Congress alliance will throw a big fight to BJP in terms of voting ratio. Looking at the percentage secured by the three parties jointly goes up to 50.02 percent in the 2017 assembly polls while the BJP got 39.07 percent votes. This figure awakens the dead parties like Congress, BSP, and SP for unification. This can cause unanimity on conditions agreed by them. It will do something wonderful in 2019 if these political equations decide on defeating the saffron rage.

The Congress, the Bahujan Samaj Party & the Samajwadi Party appear dwarfs with a meagre tally of 73 seats in UP legislative assembly. If BJP wrested 2012 seats from SP in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the combined Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samajwadi Party-Congress Party will change political scenario in the next parliamentary polls, so thinks the political pundits.

By Shakeel Ahmad

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