What was Rahul Gandhi doing when the ordinance was being passed by the cabinet committee of parliament ?

The current political scenario, demonstrated by the politicking around the “Ordinance“, in this country reverberates some key points, the happenings enthrall all of us as citizens and make us believe the fact that are we being lead  just by political numbers and not a strong leadership.

The recent political bickering got a level playing field when the Congress party vice-president Mr Rahul Gandhi barged into press conference held my Mr Ajay Makan at the press club of India and inadvertently speaks against the “Ordinance” to nullify the Supreme Court judgment, paving the way for convicted Political personalities to run for coveted parliamentary positions. The Congress ‘Yuvraj’ doesn’t stop here, he also showcases his anger by stating (and explicitly repeating his statement twice) that the ordinance is “Complete Nonsense and should be torn off and thrown away “.

There are quite of few questions which one might ask the Congress scion :

a) What was he doing when the ordinance was being passed by the cabinet committee of parliament?

b) Why was that he was not present there and why the resentment was not at the time?

c) Why has he shown his individual indignation now, when the ordinance has become an official document.

d) How can one state such absurd statements for a government document ” Complete Non-sense and should be thrown away”, specially when you hold a key political position in a party who runs the government.

Is it that, by his virtue of his ‘Gandhi’ surname he survives his outspokenness in front of media or it is another congress plan to showcase to the electorate that Rahul can take his own ‘Individualistic” decisions and can pronounce those at any political forum.

Surely, the congress vice president has created a political storm of sorts by his remarks, but what about our Prime Minister? How is he going to react to Rahul’s outbursts? We all expect that he would have been part of the signing of the Ordinance before it was being shipped to Mr. Pranab Mukherjee for his final authentication. Can it be taken as a direct assault on the office of the Prime Minister? Though a damage control was later done when the PM was assured by Sonia Gandhi that all was well within the Congress clan, and we have full support for you at the highest level. But is that all what we can hope from a democratic setup? A party vice-president slams an ordinance in full media blow and nothing concrete comes out of it? He directly questions the dignity of the PMO and is let off with no disciplinary action by the Congress Party.

Should we all not start to believe that there could be a voice of dissent within the congress regarding its working capacity? (Remember, before Rahul’s ‘Ordinance Bombshell’ Speech, Milind Deora had tweeted his reservations for the same), or should we start to believe that Mr. Rahul Gandhi has started to take decisions on behalf of the government (Read Prime Minister) and hence hijack the day to day functioning of the government machinery to his whims and fancies.

What we should be expecting about the role of the Prime Minister? Is the office and chair he heads represent the 1.2 billion people of this country or is it a puppet chair which can be molded by any political party’s scion?

With the setting up of elections date, political temperatures have started to sore high, Modi’s speech in Delhi has set the ball rolling and now we could see a lot happening by way of print and electronic media, Social media websites, all flooding and forming opinions about each other’s internal politics. The voices of dissent firstly from BJP and now from Congress party will be an interesting watch and all we need to do is to sit and toggle together and wait for our time to press the Bombshell button , may be NOTA.

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