Indian politician Asaduddin Owaisi tried defending ‘him’, Yakub who was behind some 257 deaths.

Of all politicians and other sundry self-proclaimed personalities who wished against the hanging of Yakub, concerns of Owaisi commands some attention. Given the role of his forefathers during the razakar movement against the inclusion of Hyderabad into India, it is not surprising that their DNA comes out through speeches and actions of these brothers in sporadic spurts. 

When the younger Owaisi wished the Indian army vanishes for fifteen minutes so that he can wipe out all infidels, one can understand he simply was following whatever his consulting mullah commanded him.  And, it is not new in Indian political scenario that before every election, one or the other politician speaks in such language and such foolishness was equally shared by all sides of the religious coin – somehow I don’t think religious coin has only two sides.

yakub owaisi When Owaisi defied Shariat

What surprised me was the elder brother going gung-ho for Yakub, in the last days before the execution.  I don’t feel whether his stand was correct or wrong – legal or illegal – moral or immoral.  After all, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.  First, had Owaisi felt strongly that he need to save Yakub from hanging, he should have taken up this cause long ago.  At least, after the execution of Afzal Guru.  His late entry and politics in fact, could be sensed by even the naïve of his targeted vote bank.

owaisi defends yakubs hanging When Owaisi defied Shariat

It is known, given the stands of BJP and Congress, only a miracle could save Yakub, despite all crocodile tears from many a prominent persons.  Yakub or his family, may be on their own, had tried hard till the last moment in vain.  Owaisi has chosen only political forums to discuss this without any concrete action.

Had he been really sincere in saving Yakub, all he had to do was simple – follow Shariat.  He could have offered blood money to the kith and kin of all those dead in the blasts.  Oh! Money is not a problem.  Tiger could very well have arranged it for his kid brother, if Tiger is still alive and kicking in the enslavement of his protectors.

Reaching about 250 families with offers of blood money – despite there is no legal provision in Indian constitution, would have made many a things changed.  For one, Owaisi would have faced Muslim families that lost their loved ones.  Forget Hindu families that may reject the offer of blood money.  Will there be at least one Muslim family that forgives Yakub and takes money instead? I doubt.

But, these interactions would have taught Owaisi, what actually Islam stands for.  As he didn’t do it earlier, he could do it now.  He can ask the daughter of Yakub Memon whether she can forgive those who were reason for the loss of her father.  Can she forgive Tiger, Dawood and others…?  I doubt.

In fact, it is not only for Owaisi, but for all those who advocated against the execution.  Normally, everybody says, the justice delivered by the court is supreme.  And, in this case, Supreme Court has worked overtime (which is not observed in normal course, by any of judicial fraternity) and confirmed the verdict. 

One ex-minister with impeccable Oxford accent said, “I am sad we killed a human being”.  I wonder why this person had not thought that his murdered wife was also a human being.  Such is the hypocrisy that is being practised by these so called celebrities.

Moreover, even in the books of terrorists or extremists who were ready to give their lives for the cause they believe in, they don’t repent the actions they have committed.  Probably, it was the lack of education these people were denied.  In case of Yakub, however, here was an educated and intelligent guy who was won over by the extremist elements and so the craving to live – despite knowingly executed the atrocious plan will result in his end – on one day or the other. 

Regarding victims in communal violence in any place, first it is Owaisi family that shall answer to all those victims of their own communal hatred, which resulted in many a communal riots in the city of Hyderabad.

Of course, these cowards would take protection under the law, after inciting riots and blame law when it suits them.

By Rama Krishna Prasad

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