Pakistan’s antipathy towards India has been a constant issue and it doessn’t lessen, but aggravates more and more for some or the other reason.

Pakistani army chief in a veiled attack accused India for violating ceasefire & supporting militancy in different parts of the country. He further said that Pakistan is ready to pay any price to protect its boundary, safeguard interest, be it Kashmir; development of new ports with the help of China, the army quoted him as saying. Pakistani officials in a row attacked India after successful military operation in Myanmar & a historic accord with Bangladesh regarding a boundary dispute. Other accords are equally significant. Indian goods travel to Bangladesh via Singapore, takes three weeks’ time. Now as per new accord Indian goods will be directly shipped to Bangladesh port, will take only a week time curtailing the length to fifteen days. This will help reduce cost of export to Bangladesh & in turn boost up export. It has also been agreed that Indian companies will sell electricity & establish manufacturing hubs in special economic zone across the border. It is an win-win situation for both the nations. Bangladesh’s trade deficit will reduce; employment will be created for their youths. Employment is a big problem like any developing nation, in Bangladesh too. Similarly accord with Nepal & Srilanka converted the doubt into economics of prosperity. general raheel sharif Pakistan Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai All these actions & success of Indian government have filled Pakistan with insecurity. It is evident from the statements of army chief & other Pakistani officials. India has always extended soft hands towards neighbours unlike china. China when becomes strong, they threaten the neighbouring countries’ sovereignty. China has fought battles with India, Vietnam, & the then USSR. Even small countries like South Korea, Burma, Taiwan & Thailand were threatened more often. Intrusions of red army in these small countries including Indian Territory are regular phenomena. But we are always treating our neighbouring countries on equal footing. We never impose ourselves as a large country. But at the same time we are firm in protecting our Integrity & sovereignty. However Pakistan more often interferes in our internal matters & challenges our integrity. We never allowed any nation for the same. Action in Myanmar is part of that policy.  Pakistan fought four battles & lost, rather their geography was also changed. As because they cannot win in front battle, they have taken the shelters of terrorists. Pakistan is now hub of terrorisms in which it also gets burnt from time to time. Terrorism Pakistan Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai It is well known worldwide that India is a peace loving Nation, never interfered in internal matters of any nation, big or small. Myanmar military mission was aimed a strong message to terrorists & hostile elements throughout the neighbourhood that India’s approach to national security is non tolerable even though we believe in peaceful coexistence. During two consecutive rules of UPA, India became a punching bag. Naturally Pakistan is fired up due to its insecure feelings and they are anyways wrong doers since its inception.

5 Pakistan Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai



J & K is the integral part of India. A democratically elected government has been ruling the state of J & K. A few of separatist leaders, with the help of Pakistan sponsored terrorists are trying to destabilize the state. Now the time has come that a limited military action should be taken across the border to eliminate the terrorism there. Secondly, separatist leaders should be apprised to mend their way or be ready to go behind the bars where they deserve to be. Pakistan understands that in near feature they will have the same fate which they had in 1971 and that is the reason behind Pakistan’s fear.

kahmir meme Pakistan Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai


By Dinesh Mishra


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