ndia’s blame on Pakistan and Pakistan’s defiance go on,but until when?

Pakistan was on denial mode on Thursday, over assertions from India that terrorist caught alive after the ambush on a BSF convey in Udhampur, was a Pakistani national & asked New Delhi not to make accusation without proof. The terrorist attack is in continuation of regular firing on LOC. In past several years we are on receiving end. Several lives have been lost in unholy war that is one sided, injected by Pakistan. They are talking about evidences but what so ever will be submitted to them will not be suffice. We cannot satisfy them as because all are state actors right from terror attacks to violations of ceasefire.Their Ex officials accepted the involvement of Pakistan in 26/11, will Pakistan hand over the culprits to India? Answer is no.

gurudaspur Will Pakistan Mend Its Way?

There are two back to back attack by Pakistani sponsored terrorists in Gurudaspur & Udhampur. Our Home Minister as usual told ” we will give strong reply to Pakistan”. But time & place is silent in this statement. In fact neither Indians nor other the countries take HM’s statement seriously, naturally, Pakistan will not fall on the line to listen all these statements. Unfortunately, after Mrs Indira Gandhi, none of the PM took strong steps against the threat of the integrity of our country. Kargil we can talk, but, one should remember that there we came into action only when it was confirmed that Pakistani army had captured our territory.

Mumbai attack Will Pakistan Mend Its Way?

We have failed to find out the methods to reply guerrilla war of Pakistan. India all along behaved like a responsible & tolerant nations. But now the same projected our entity as a soft state. It appears that India does not have strong military diplomacy. We will have to target terrorist camps. It can be done by non conventional way of war to be penetrated in Pakistani soil which can weaken terrorist groups. All the developed countries are doing it. This activity will on the one side weaken the terrorists & on the other side it will enhance the expenditure of Pakistan which they will not bear. Indian economy is strong enough to bear the short term crisis. But Pakistan’s weak economy will destroy in it.

pakistan terrorism Will Pakistan Mend Its Way?

Pakistan is the allies of USA since cold war. China also provide all supports to Pakistan which will  not be in the interest of India. So far we have failed to weaken this axis. India with evidences should convince this axis & get it turned in its favor. USA & China cannot help Pakistan at their own costs. We will have to convince them.

Pak terror Country Will Pakistan Mend Its Way?

Last options is military action. In 21st century this is the last option. But if all means fail, then we will have to opt for military action to stop the killing of innocent nationals. We will have to force Pakistan to incur heavy expenditures on their fight against us so that their all-ready weak economy goes vulnerable to the penultimate collapse. At present, Pakistan in minimum expenditure is fighting battle against us.Modi government seems to have bitten the bullet & is determined to press on with the national Security Adviser level talk later in this month. It is a wise step. But at the same time we will have to reply them in the same language they deserve that is ‘ CHHDAM YUDHA AT PAKISTAN SOIL’.

By  Dr Dinesh Mishra

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